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From thatguyfromcornell on 10/13/2007 Active Modify
Right now, you have 89 hard mode songs with a * or better. Get that number to 100.
04/20/08: 5 to go.
From wants_to_sleep on 9/29/2007 Active Modify
I meant 75% on each, of course. And another (long-term) challenge: get your expert overall percentage up to 73%.
From wants_to_sleep on 9/26/2007 Active Modify
This should take you a while: get at least 75% on these 3 10s: Bouff, Tension, and Soapy Bubble.
...You know, it's not specified whether that's 75% on each song, or 75% total. :P
From xxxxx - Administrator on 8/16/2007 Active Modify
Hey, I'm that "ANUS" guy. ;D This probably won't be a fun challenge on the crapocab, but see if you can pass two more 11s. You have four of them passed right now, so you need six in total. I'd personally recommend Xuxa and Infection, but it's totally up to you.
From Jared on 6/19/2007 Active Modify
40% overall completion on Intense, including fail scores.
02/19/08: Worked on this today. Epic lulz ensued. (Well not really but we lulzed and Lemons and I talked about the word "epic" afterward while eating.)
From Fleadh Forever! on 6/02/2007 Active Modify
As if you don't already have enough long-term challenges, here's another one. Pass Nightmare Normal. XD You may now send me a hate mail.
06/04/07: I actually tried this for the very first time last night on the PC version (keyboard play) and I got a pretty good score, considering that it was a sightread - the mods aren't all that difficult, I think. So I think that the only problem I'm gonna have with this one is keeping my feet going. :P
From thatguyfromcornell on 5/30/2007 Active Modify
5 expert ** and 10 expert *.
From Jared on 4/21/2007 Active Modify
Pass all the tens!
06/26/07: Ten tens to go. Cool.
From IcyManipulator on 2/11/2007 Active Modify
Expert scores are looking good. But your spread is huge. Get that average up. All Expert 9's above 85%, but no more than 15 can be under 90%.
09/22/07: Finally made a little more progress on this one after like three months. >_></br></br>3 scores under 85% and another 13 under 90%. So besides getting those three I only have to improve one more score past 90%.</br></br>Wow, didn't realize how close I was to finishing this one.
From Fleadh Forever! on 4/17/2008 Completed Modify
Abandon this challenge.
Yes, I actually did have this set as "Abandoned" for like eight seconds. So there. :P
From Fleadh Forever! on 3/03/2008 Completed Modify
Pick any song with female vocals. Beat that song on any difficulty with Hide Judgment/Targets, Beat, Blink, Dizzy, Boomerang, and Distant. Order a large Curly Fries from Arby's afterwards, and sing that song you just played in the highest pich you can with a mouthful of fries. (You don't have to do that last part around anyone other than me.)
Hell yeah.
From nuclearlemons on 6/28/2007 Completed Modify
Get at least a *** on any three songs level 8 or above.
From Jared on 6/15/2007 Completed Modify
Upload a genuine, not-whored 10,000 combo!
From Fleadh Forever! on 6/09/2007 Completed Modify
From Jared on 5/10/2007 Completed Modify
Get at least 80% on all red 9s.
From thatguyfromcornell on 5/08/2007 Completed Modify
Here's a long-term challenge: 99.50% overall on easy
From thatguyfromcornell on 5/06/2007 Completed Modify
Get a 98% overall average on the medium charts and a 92% overall average on the hard charts.
From Fleadh Forever! on 5/05/2007 Completed Modify
Okay, this one will take you a while. Ready? Pass any 3 out of these 4 Expert 11's: Charlene, Clockwork Genesis, Robotix, Xuxa. If you pass Vertex^2 on Hard you can count that as well.
From Waldo on 3/25/2007 Completed Modify
hmmmm a marathoner........Pass Breaking Point Normal w/at least %85
Yeah, I passed it, but I'm leaving a comment on it because I like that face I made earlier.</br></br>:(______________________)
From Fleadh Forever! on 3/05/2007 Completed Modify
* Lipstick Kiss Expert. You keep saying you're gonna do it so...do it. ;)
From Fleadh Forever! on 2/02/2007 Completed Modify
** a 9 and *** an 8.
From Jared on 11/21/2006 Completed Modify
Get 30 Easy triple-stars.
From Jared on 11/21/2006 Completed Modify
Get 5 Expert stars.
From Jared on 11/21/2006 Completed Modify
Clear all Hard charts ranked at 10 blocks or less.
From Jared on 11/21/2006 Completed Modify
Get at least 89% on all Medium songs, and get overall Medium completion to 97%.
From Jared on 11/21/2006 Completed Modify
Get 320 stars-or-better.
From IcyManipulator on 11/20/2006 Completed Modify
Get a Screenshot of you Quad-Starring "Getting Started" on Insane. It's not as hard as you think. If you don't understand, message me.
You mean Intense, right? Anyway, I've already done that. :P I just don't upload screenshots. I can email it to you if you want.
From IcyManipulator on 11/18/2006 Completed Modify
Clear All Expert 9's. Average score for all Expert 9's must be greater than 82%.
From Fleadh Forever! on 11/14/2006 Completed Modify
Pass 10 10's, each with at least 70%.
From Fleadh Forever! on 10/04/2006 Completed Modify
Okay, I'm making it official. It's a RACE to see who can ** 10 Hards first. Come on, we're already tied.
Finished... within ten minutes of you finishing first. >_<
From Fleadh Forever! on 9/04/2006 Completed Modify
Get 75% on Remember December Expert. I know you can, even if you have to clear a few other 9's first. Some time in the near future I'm sure you'll look at this challenge and say to yourself, "I can't believe I couldn't do that at one point."
From Fleadh Forever! on 7/02/2006 Completed Modify
Thanks for the challenge, that's definitely the best one you've sent me so far. I think I'll actually go for both of them. Meanwhile, I'd like to see you pass more 9's. Try this: Beat all the "Flying" 9's before I come back. Flying High, Fly Away, and Fly With Me.
From Fleadh Forever! on 4/22/2006 Completed Modify
Why don't I send you a challenge here instead of in person? Okay, pass Little Kitty Mine and No Princess on Expert, they may be annoying, but they're more offbeat and less twisty/tiring than Birdie, Da Roots, or WKWTD, so you should be okay with them. Send me a challenge some time.