• GrooveStats is a web site dedicated to tracking scores for In the Groove, and Pump It Up Pro, dance simulation games.
  • Primary features
  • Public online score submission
  • Automated score entry via USB flash drive data
  • Player vs Player comparison charts
  • Global and Regional rankings

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Recent Scores

Song Name Score (%) Member Name Pack Date Submitted
Abracadabra 99.97 PiNK Rose Easy As Pie 2 10/22/2014
Witch Doctor (GIANT TOONS VERSION) 100.00 Juggles Easy As Pie 3 10/22/2014
You 99.97 RiOdO Speedcore 2 10/22/2014
Fuwatanity 99.56 RiOdO Sharpnelstreamz 10/22/2014
Memoria Reborn 99.71 RiOdO Cirque du Lykan 10/22/2014

Groovestats News

08/18/2014 - Song pack update: Cranked Pastry and Mute Sims 9!
Sorry for the delay in getting new content up!  Cranked Pastry and Mute Sims 9 are now ranked on the site.  Enjoy!


03/07/2014 - Song pack update: SV 2
By popular demand, this is ranked on the site now.  Try not to hurt yourself, folks.

03/02/2014 - Song pack update: Mudkyp 7th Gen
Man, this took like a tenth of the amount of time to add to the site compared to like, Sharpnelstreamz v2.  Anyway, more quality easy stuff from mudkyp.  Enjoy!

02/16/2014 - Song pack update: Sharpnelstreamz v2 (and Spectrum Easy)!
After a whole lot of work, Sharpnelstreamz v2 is finally ranked on the site!  I apologize for the very long wait, but the pack shares 65 songs total between itself, Sharpnelstreamz v1, Disbalance Episode 3, and Oh Henry-- actually, there's even one chart that's also in Mute Sims 8.  With all of those duplicate songs, it required an enormous amount of manual reviewing to make decisions about where individual song rankings would be shared and where they would be separate-- truthfully even after all that I'm not confident that I made the best decisions in each circumstance because it would have been too tedious to test every single chart and compare them-- I was forced to compare mostly just step counts and the like, and that still took hours and hours to get through.

This isn't even mentioning having to restructure some of the database querying, since I hadn't anticipated there being shared charts between packs that changed difficulties (example: an Expert in Veyron for We Luv Lama versus it being Medium in Sharpnelstreamz).  Anyway, I had to spend hours fixing that too.  As a side note, Tachyon Spectrum has all the Easy difficulties ranked now, since fixing those queries made it possible to share those rankings properly as well.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sharpnel v2 must be in a folder called "Sharpnelstreamz v2" in order for it to work with USB uploading.  The reason I mention this is that the pack was originally released in three folders that were just labeled by letters of the alphabet-- obviously no one is really intended to add it to their machine that way, but the directions on adding it were a little unclear in the original posts for the pack.  Anyway, just make sure you use that folder name if you plan on hacking it on a machine and you want to be able to upload scores from it.

01/08/2014 - Song pack update: Cirque du Lykan!
Another pack from Chino Serenade Zaia Wood?  So SOON?  Yup.  This one is geared more towards players that are trying to progress in stamina, it'd seem.  Enjoy!

12/26/2013 - Song pack update: Tachyon Epsilon!
Tachyon Epsilon is up on the site.  I'm not ranking the Novice charts because they're not ranked for any other pack.  I may revisit that decision later-- but for now, if you're good enough, start crackin' on these.  This is by far the most difficult pack on the site now.

12/16/2013 - Song pack update: Cirque du Zonda and Pump It Up Pro 2 Unlocks!
Cirque du Zonda is now ranked on Groovestats.  I've also finally added the unlocks for Pump Pro 2 as well-- thanks to starfalcon176 for providing me with the data for those!

There's some upcoming plans I have in mind for the site as well, but you'll be hopefully seeing that stuff soon enough.

11/23/2013 - Song pack update: Mute Sims 8 and Oh Henry! Mad Stamina
Mute Sims 8 and Oh Henry! Mad Stamina are now tracked on Groovestats! I'm toying with the idea of doing prizes of some sort for the first three people to fill out Oh Henry, so GET TO WORK STAMINA KIDS. Posted Image

07/04/2013 - Song pack update: Speedcore 3, Kamelot, and Tachyon Spectrum!
Been a little bit since I added some new packs-- Speedcore 3 reminded me that I had been wanting to do a little update for a while, so here you go!  Speedcore 3, Kamelot, and Tachyon Spectrum.

If you want to submit scores for the Easy charts for Spectrum, just uh... submit them in their respective original Tachyon packs, they're the same charts (I would have just made it so they shared rankings for those songs but it doesn't work across different difficulties sadly and all the original ones were on Expert).

03/28/2013 - Groovestats Overhaul complete / Huge pack update!
The Groovestats overhaul is now complete!  The second wave of it mainly consisted of backend stuff to allow for new/improved site features-- as a for instance, having a song shared between multiple packs before was pretty much impossible to do without having a separate ranking for the same song.  After the overhaul, this is no longer the case; you can submit a score for Still Grey in Disbalance 3 and it'll count in Pendulum, too.  There's a bunch of other stuff this allows for as well and some of that is covered here in this post.

Improved Features:

- Player Ranking now has filters for all packs, no longer excluding officials.  (It also runs off a cache for everything now, so custom packs join officials now in updating once a day rather than in real time.  This is sort of the one drawback to everything I did and it's for performance reasons)

- Region Ranking now supports a full suite of filters, including pack, difficulties, etc. (Previously only supported officials)

- Machine Location List's rankings now support a full suite of filters, including pack, difficulties, etc. (Previously only supported officials)

- Quad Leaderboard now supports a full suite of filters, including pack, difficulties, etc. (Previously only supported officials)

- High Scores now supports a full suite of filters, including pack, difficulties, etc. (Previously only supported officials)

- Score Uploaders for both ITG and Pump have received a facelift in line with the theme system overhaul and are a little less overwhelming to view (You can minimize/expand results from a pack now)

NEW Features:

- Recent Scores has been implemented on the site; it appears in a few different variants.  On the front page, the five most recent scores across all packs in ITG and Pump are displayed.  On a player's profile, that player's five most recent scores are displayed.  Finally, there's also a Recent Scores page that displays the 30 most recent scores given a set of filters.

- Game Slots are now settable on your profile.  These are the percentage bars shown at the bottom of your profile; previously, you were forced to display your overall ITG 1/2 percentages and ITG 1/2 Marathons/Survivals.  Now, you can set up to four packs of your choosing on your profile (or none if you want).

- Step Parser.  Not really something you guys can play with, but Zetorux and I collaborated on (read: I told him what SQL needed to be generated and he did everything else) a step parser to make adding new packs less cumbersome-- up to this point, I've been inputting every song and every pack manually (that includes all the step data like steps, mines, rolls, etc.).  This means adding new songs is done in a matter of minutes instead of like days.  MAJOR MAJOR kudos to Phil for helping me out with that!


Yeah I know this is all you guys care about:

Mudkyp Korea
Mudkyp Korea 2
Mudkyp 6th Gen
Mute Sims 7
The Legend of Zim 5
Cirque du Veyron
Speedcore 2

Most likely will be adding some more packs in the near future (Beast Aoreo Beast 2/3?  Gazebo's stuff?), but I figured this was plenty for you guys to play with for the time being.  Thanks for your patience-- I hope you'll agree the improvements were worth the wait!