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  • GrooveStats is a web site dedicated to tracking scores for In the Groove, and Pump It Up Pro, dance simulation games.
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Recent Scores

Song Name Score (%) Member Name Pack Date Submitted
Fullspec 90.54 titandude21 Cirque du Enzo 12/15/2018
Over The Frail Dream 73.50 titandude21 Cirque du Zonda 12/15/2018
Cygnus (2016 Remaster) 94.26 TroyNK Cirque du Enzo 12/15/2018
Black Lotus 85.27 TroyNK Cirque du Enzo 12/15/2018
Area184 92.43 TroyNK Cirque du Enzo 12/15/2018

Groovestats News

05/15/2018: Stamina RPG 2 and East Coast Stamina 7/French Coast Stamina 3!

As ECS6.5 has drawn to its end, I'm pleased to announce to everyone that Stamina RPG 2 has begun! Like its predecessor, the original Stamina RPG for ECS6, Stamina RPG 2 involves playing songs from a large list that will gain you experience points and skill points. You level up as you gain EXP, and each BPM range (170s, 180s, etc.) has its own skill level that increases as you gain SP.

To try to make this event as inclusive as possible, I'm using A LOT of content in the 12-16 range that wasn't represented in the first Stamina RPG. There are also some major changes to the format and site for Stamina RPG 2, as well-- in addition to some quality of life improvements to the usability of the site for score entry, I've added a Quest Log that will give you some hints about how to unlock additional content, and there's also now a new point-type yielded for passing songs: Tournament Points. For each BPM range above 160, the three songs you've passed worth the highest TP will contribute to your TP total. This is to address complaints that a couple people had last year that qualifying for East Coast Stamina 6 was too much of a time commitment; this drastically reduces the amount of playing you have to do in order to qualify and puts the focus on the quality of the passes over the sheer volume of them.

That brings me to my next point: Stamina RPG 2 is actually a joint production between RĂ©mi Guinier and myself that will-- beyond just being a competition in its own right-- also serve as the qualifiers for East Coast Stamina 7 and French Coast Stamina 3. Remi has prepared 16 brand new 20 minute mixes (ranging from 140 to 240 BPM, difficulties from 14 to 24) that are available as part of the initial qualifier pack. It's some of his finest work and I'm really excited to collaborate with him on this! I think we've both been working on this for over six months, and I think we've both said at separate points that it's the work we're most proud of to date.

But wait, there's more! This year, in addition to this acting as a qualifier, there are also prizes based off of the total EXP entrants gain. Here's the breakdown of how qualifying works and what those prizes are:

The 16 players WORLDWIDE who have earned the highest total TP by September 2nd at 11:59 PM EST are invited to compete in East Coast Stamina 7.

The top 12 FRENCH players and top 4 EUROPEAN players who have earned the highest total TP by July 31st at 11:59 PM CEST are invited to compete in French Coast Stamina 3.

Prizes will also be awarded to the top 4 players who have accrued the highest total EXP by September 2nd at 11:59 PM EST:

  • 1st Place: $400 USD
  • 2nd Place: $200 USD
  • 3rd Place: $100 USD
  • 4th Place: $50 USD

I encourage everyone who enjoys ITG to join in-- even if you've never been into stamina before, this could be the motivation you need to improve your game!

You can get more information about the tournament and download the pack here:

Stamina RPG 2

03/04/2018: ECS 6.5 and huge pack update!

The following packs have been added to the Groovestats rankings:

  • Scrapyard Kent
  • Tachyon Zeta
  • 3guys1pack
  • N.E.O SiMS
  • DVogans Tech Support 2
  • Notice Me Benpai
  • Barber Cuts
  • Barely Playable
  • Fraxtil's Monstercat Minipack
  • Koreyja
  • Holiday Hoedown
  • Easy As Pie 5
Note that a special character in La Ville electron from Notice Me Benpai required me to rename the song folder in the database; if you want USB uploading to work for this chart your machine, make sure that you rename the song folder to "La Ville electron" (without the quotes obviously).

Tachyon Zeta was also added to the Tachyon Series compilation ranking, and Easy As Pie was added to the Easy As Pie Series. I've also added two new compilation packs:

  • Dark Psytrance Series (Cranked Pastry & Scrapyard Kent)
  • Fraxtil's Series (Fraxtil's Beast Beats & Fraxtil's Monstercat Minipack

In other news, I'm happy to announce that East Coast Stamina 6.5 has started! This is a team-based fully online tournament in the same vein as ECS 4.5 and 5.5, and once again, in the interest of being as inclusive as possible, it's split into Lower (difficulty blocks 12 to 17) and Upper (difficulties from 16 to 24) divisions.

You can get more information about the tournament/sign up/download the packs here:

East Coast Stamina 6.5


01/07/2018: BangerZ, Enzo, Jackhummer, Rebuild of Sharpnel, Trails II and Trancemania 3!
A number of new packs just dropped in the last few days: BangerZ, Cirque du Enzo, Cirque du Jackhummer, Rebuild of Sharpnel, Trails of Cold Stream II, and TranceMania 3 are all ranked now on Groovestats!  I've also add a new compilation pack that ranks Trails of Cold Stream and Trails of Cold Stream II together.  Enjoy!

11/25/2017: Eurobeat Is Fantastic and Jimmy Jawns 3 ranked!
Eurobeat Is Fantastic and Jimmy Jawns 3 are both ranked now on Groovestats!  Lots of great stamina content for a pretty wide range between the two of those packs (easier stuff in Eurobeat, harder stuff in JJ3).  Give them a look if you haven't yet!

Additionally, I found out the scripts that update the rankings overnight haven't been running since that server update.  I've corrected that issue, so starting tonight, things should start updating correctly.

11/24/2017: ITG Score Uploader Fixed
Some of you might have noticed that the USB uploader hasn't been working for ITG for a bit.  There was a server update that apparently broke it, and I didn't have time to look into it for a while, but it's working again now.

Should have some new packs ranked in the very near future (as in, this weekend), so be on the lookout for that!

09/09/2017: USB Uploads Fixed for 7/26 Packs
There was an issue with USB uploads for certain packs added on July 26th (Rock Out!, Trails of Cold Stream, BaguetteStreamz, Cuties Party, FA and Chill, FA and Chill 2, BemaniBeats 5, and BemaniBeats Rev) that was causing all of the scores to be entered as Rock Out! scores.

The issue has been corrected, but there was no way to reassociate the scores to the correct charts, so I unfortunately had to clear them out.  All you should need to do at this point though is reupload them (note that manually entered scores are unaffected).

Sorry for the inconvenience!

07/26/2017: Ten new packs ranked!
BemaniBeats5, BemaniBeats Rev, FA and Chill 1, FA and Chill 2, DVogan's Tech Support, Rock Out!, BaguetteStreamz, Cuties Party, Psychedelia, and Trails of Cold Stream are all ranked on Groovestats now! That's ten packs at once, so it's a pretty massive update. Also added a new compilation ranking for FA and Chill now that that's ranked on the site.

Also just want to remind everyone that qualifying for East Coast Stamina 6 started on 7/22! The format for the qualifier is pretty unique, so check it out if you've got any interest in hard stuff! Link to the rankings and info is below.

ECS6 Qualifying Info/Rankings:

01/23/2017: Lolistyle GabberS, BemaniBeats 4 and Betwixt & Between ranked!
Been a while since I added new packs!  Lolistyle GabberS, BemaniBeats 4, and Betwixt & Between are all ranked now on the site.

05/27/2016: BemaniBeats 3 and joe#2 collection #5 Ranked
BemaniBeats3 and joe#2 collection #5 are both ranked on Groovestats now.  They've also been added to the corresponding compilation packs.

04/27/2016: Valex 8, Helblinde 2016, and Sharpnel v3 pt. 1 added!
The following packs are now ranked on GS:

Valex's Magical 4-Arrow Adventure 8
Helblinde 2016

I have a few more that I haven't gotten a chance to check out, but these should tide you guys over for now.

02/05/2016: Song Search added
I had a few people asking for a song search because they were having trouble remembering what songs were in what packs, so I added a really simple one to the site.  Wooo.

01/16/2016: Biggest pack update ever?
As of today, the following new packs are ranked:

joe#2 best of collection 3
joe#2 best of collection 4
Fraxtil's Beast Beats
I Have No Feet and I Must Stream
You're Streaming Even More
You're Streaming Forever
untitled stream pack
Brule's Brute Breats

There are also new compilations (combined ranking packs) as well:

joe#2 Series
You're Streaming Series

Hopefully this should make basically everyone happy.