What is ECS7.5?:

ECS7.5 is the thirteenth tournament in the East Coast Stamina series. The objective is to try to clear as many of the hardest stamina charts as you can within the format of the tournament. It is a team tournament, and you may enter it on a team of up to three individuals.

Once again, since this isn't a "main" ECS (like, one of the whole number ones), it's going to be split into an upper and lower division to make it more accessible to a wider range of participants.


Entrants can submit their sets at any time BEFORE May 20th, 2019 to count towards the ranking. Within that timeframe, when and where they do this is at their discretion, so long as they adhere to the rules detailed further on.


Wherever. Any ITG machine that's running an ITG theme and not the StomperZ one. Stepmania 5 is acceptable as long as you're using ITG's life/scoring mechanics (using the Simply Love theme on Competitive mode is the easiest way to accomplish that).

What are the prizes?:

Keep in mind it'll probably take me a while to mail everything (usually several months) once the tournament is over. My focus will be on preparing for East Coast Stamina 8 once 7.5 ends.


ECS7.5 is a team tournament split into an Upper Division and a Lower Division, with two portions to the tournament for each division.

Set 1: Marathon

You have two options on how you approach the marathon.

Your team gets 30 minutes to split up however you want to warm up for your marathon (if you're doing option 2 and splitting it up individually, each team member gets 30 minutes). If you fail, or you are just dissatisfied with your score, you may reattempt the marathon(s) as many times as you like or can manage before May 20th. However, you cannot try more than once in the same day (defined as any time that falls on the same calendar date as the initial attempt). This also means you cannot play prior to your 30 minutes of warm-up on any day you plan to attempt the marathon.

If you're going with option 1, during the marathon ONLY, you may have team members play on the unused pad to stay warm. You are still not allowed to do this during Raw Output.

The points yielded by the marathons/splits are based off of the max points for each marathon/split * the score obtained on it.

Marathons will be released late March/early April.

Set 2: Raw Output

Each team gets 4 hours to try to pass as many of the songs on the list for the team's respective division. Score does not matter. Each song counts only one time, so there's no reason to replay anything. You may change out whoever is playing at any time, provided it is not during a song. You may not play while someone else is playing a song to warm up-- part of the challenge is coming up with a strategy for your player rotation to stay warmed up without burning out!

You do not get dedicated warmup time for the raw output set. This means you cannot play prior to the set on the calendar date that you're attempting it.

Each song is worth a certain amount of points, and that is determined as follows:

Lower: Points = (Steps^1.05*Stream%*BPM Multiplier)^(1+((Difficulty-(LowestDivisionDifficulty-1))/100))/PointConstant

Upper: Points = (Steps^1.35*Stream%*BPM Multiplier)^(1+((Difficulty-(LowestDivisionDifficulty-1))/200))/PointConstant


Steps = Number of steps in the chart
Stream% = Percent of measures of stream versus total measures in the chart
Difficulty = Block level of chart.
PointConstant = This is just a value to scale things such that the 'best possible set' in each division is worth roughly 1000 points (This helps us avoid having to normalize scores).

Basically, though, all you need to know is that denser, longer, faster songs at higher ratings are worth more than shorter, less dense, slower songs at lower ratings. Also, to reiterate, you only get points if you pass the song.

The spreadsheet provided with the pack handles all these calculations for you-- all you need to do is take the ID from the first column on the Songlist tab and enter that into the second column on your scoresheet for each song your team passes. You can optionally enter the name of the team member who passed the song in the first column on the scoresheet, which will automatically calculate some extra metrics just for fun if you also fill in the team members on the far right section.

NEW: The sheet is good for planning but your team captain (the person who registered the team) will be expected to use the 'Manage Scores' page to submit scores. Upon being reviewed, they'll be added to the ranking.

IMPORTANT: You may ONLY select a song if you have enough time left to complete it. I don't expect you to predict song load time or anything, so as long as the timer says you have enough time when you proceed from the mods menu, that's fine.

MORE IMPORTANT: If you back out of a song, you do not get the points for the song. Nice try.

EQUALLY IMPORTANT: Each song is only worth points once. Duplicate passes on a song do not get you additional points.


Thanks to everyone who contributed fresh new content that's debuting for the first time in this ECS. A lot of this stuff is either relatively unknown or has never been released before. Off the top of my head, that includes Aoreo, Arvin, Carmelo, Dingoshi, ITGAlex, Janus5k, Kyy, Nav (okay, his stuff isn't new so much as it is unreleased stuff that I've sat on for like a year), nico, Okami, Rems, StoryTime and others I'm sure I forgot. The .5 tournaments have become kind of a showcase for new and obscure stamina charts, which I'm pretty into. Thanks also more generally to all the other stamina stepartists who have helped to form the backbone of these packs with their content (Zaia, @@, TYLR, etc.)-- I'm really pleased by how vibrant of a community now exists around stepping hard stuff. It means I can spend less time stepping and more time utilizing my other skills to help improve the experience of these competitions.

Very special thanks to Pluto for the insane amount of work you put into helping me realize my vision for this event through your wonderful artwork. Your passion and enthusiasm is absolutely infectious and inspiring, and I hope you can keep putting up with my unreasonable requests, because I'm excited to see where our partnership can take ECS. Thank you for everything.

Please don't hesitate to contact me on here or on Facebook with any questions or concerns-- I'll usually respond quickest if you reach out to me on FB. There may be playing scenarios I haven't thought of or something I haven't explained clearly enough, so definitely speak up; it'll be helpful to everyone if you do so.