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From Dmon on 1/22/2008 Received Modify
you too :p
From WAY! on 11/19/2007 Replied Modify
i forgot to say "admstyles" has the highest combo in the world on the last message.
From WAY! on 11/19/2007 Received Modify
lol, the "around the world" is a good experience. The more different types of songs you do the more techniques u will learn =D! Like my songs were played like over 20-50 times to get it where it is now. I don't think I haavae the highest combo. I think i only have the second highest. I saw a video with him 100% Tribal Style Expert about several months ago with 850,000 combo, but he just never uploaded his combo up here. He doesn't play as much anymore so that gives me the chance to get a Million before he does.