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From Thai on 10/14/2007 Received Modify
From Enterprise00 on 8/06/2007 Received Modify
you the same guy who plays FFR?
From DarkCore on 6/29/2007 Replied Modify
& i heer u liek cummin 2 funlandz on monday =O
From DarkCore on 6/27/2007 Replied Modify
i r herd u liek mudkipz
From Gundam-Dude on 6/18/2007 Received Modify
Pass Euphoria or Hardcore of the North on expert? You're crazy. 96% on Tribal Style is possible for me but it'll take a few tries. Other than that, your challenges are ridiculous.
From Gooey.Octopussy on 5/11/2007 Received Modify
Pretty often, hah. And I highly doubt I could crush you x.x, neither FA nor stamina-wise. My GS scores should be telling enough =p.
From Gooey.Octopussy on 5/10/2007 Replied Modify
Rarely ever at FW, haha. Blair has the Kagami [H], Pandy [E] and [M] records now, doesn't he? -__- Man, I was so happy to have gotten those the last time I was there considering I usually have pretty shit FA. You've probably seen Eden play. I'd say she has significantly better FA than me, but I'm better on more stamina-draining songs. Still trying to catch up to the boys in that aspect though!
From Snicklefritz on 4/24/2007 Received Modify
yeah i guess so
From DarkCore on 3/26/2007 Received Modify
Haha, I'll try and pass Pandemonium or Summer, but I think I'll probably lose, because I'm not really even close to passing them yet. =P
From TdR-Eden on 3/11/2007 Received Modify
completed challenge =D
From Snicklefritz on 3/05/2007 Received Modify
danny next time we play, i wanna face u on anubis, pandy hard and one other song =)
i think i can beat you on those now cause today i got 96.71 on anubis and 94 on pandy hard
From TdR-Eden on 2/16/2007 Received Modify
Hi, theres a tournament at Shoppers World tomorrow it starts at 12pm so be there around 11am for registration.
From DarkCore on 2/03/2007 Received Modify
Quad stars - Seriously, give Spin Chicken (Easy) a chance. My FA isn't that great, I just keep stepping in 4/4 timing to keep the beat. This song is probably the easiest quad-star on easy ever. (I have 1 excellent right now. =\)