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From Davidjlz on 10/22/2007 Received Modify
yoo how've you been?
From Kr1sd3la0 on 3/30/2007 Received Modify
Nu10....tierd lol :-P i was at GnS wit David n Nick.
From Kr1sd3la0 on 3/12/2007 Received Modify

From Davidjlz on 2/07/2007 Received Modify
hey bro call me at 562 631 7070 and I'll tell you whats going on =D
From Nik-NaC on 2/07/2007 Received Modify
Hey Marcus, it's Nick, remember me from the James Games tournament? Ya I finally made a groovestats :P
I've gotten alot better since you last saw me. I almost got a double star on Explosive(10).
From Davidjlz on 12/29/2006 Received Modify
Yeah that sounds about right...
From Davidjlz on 12/28/2006 Received Modify
you got 99.xx on tribal style today didn't you?