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From Maxel Rose on 6/17/2009 Active Modify
98 Birdie expert and get an 80 or above on destiny. gogogogo
From Dmon on 1/22/2008 Active Modify
Get 3 new ** and 2 new*** And send back a challenge on hard or expert :p
From WAY! on 11/19/2007 Active Modify
this might take a little while.

submit all score entries on hard with a average of 90% or higher.
average is 92.95 now, but i haven't passed vertex^2 or pandemonium yet :p
From ShinerCCC on 10/29/2008 Completed Modify
Break 71% on Mythology. Crossovers aren't so bad =)
hmm.. played for the first time in three months tonight

Expert (11) Sgl Arcade
77.15 4x, Overhead, metal

oh and.. i didn't do a single crossover, so the ending was kind of tough xD
crossovers and i have a mutual dislike for each other (except for the ones in bloodrush medium :D)
From Jessica. on 1/07/2008 Completed Modify
Oh, you know, beat me to five 11s. NOW IT'S OFFICIAL.
done <3
From Dmon on 11/19/2007 Completed Modify
Heres a little challenge for you, get a triple star on any difficulty and pass This is Rock and Roll on Expert. Oh and send a challenge back :p.
got the tristar.. 99.43 on PA Theme hard (January 20, 2008)
From WAY! on 10/23/2007 Completed Modify
Hey Keith,
I see you are mostly playing on medium and try your best to complete this challenge! I know you can do it.

Get a total of 5 double-star (98%) on medium or 5 stars (96%) on hard.
One more star on hard to go. :p I'll get it on Normal, I think. We'll see when I go on Tuesday or Thursday!

yay, played Normal with Tony, and starred it.