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From Snicklefritz on 2/06/2008 Active Modify
* or better on any 9's and 10's u havn't updated since july, 2007. donno how many songs there are but yea...good luck
From xxhachixx on 2/06/2008 Active Modify
You still havnt passed Bouff...
From xxhachixx on 12/05/2007 Active Modify
75+ Tell
80+ Clockwork, Hardcore symphony, Energizer, Go 60 go, bang, HotN
87+ July and ALL 10’s
93+ All 9’s
78.83% Tell, 80.37% Clockworks
From Thai on 12/02/2007 Active Modify
quad birdie on hard and pass bloodrush
From xxhachixx on 11/06/2007 Active Modify
From xxhachixx on 11/06/2007 Active Modify
Get a higher ranking than h3llbringer xP Thats like, 2.5%
From xxhachixx on 11/06/2007 Active Modify
** Kiss Me Red, Solina, This is Rock and roll, and The message and pass determinator ^^ Have fun =D
From DarkCore on 8/24/2007 Active Modify
Quad PA Theme on hard before December 25th, 2007. =D
From Craigy on 8/21/2007 Active Modify
sup man this is Sin, i changed my tag.my challenge to u is to 80+ Bang, Clockwork Genesis, and Monolith, then get 2 more *** on any expert, 5 more ** on expert, then get 8 more * on expert, also 90+ Do you Love me gl and challenge back
From frankee on 5/27/2007 Active Modify
* 3 Expert songs and *** a [H] with less than 10 excellents ... OR ... you can pass charlene no bar [E] with at least a 65%, and beat One False Move with added mines, and while you're at it , just beat Determinator and HotN [E].... To complete this challenge (once you're done one of these) , you have to send me a challenge back =) Good Luck !
* Bumble Bee - 96.02%, D-Code - 96.18%, Da Roots- 97.84.
*** PA Theme 99.60% with 7 Excellents,
Passed One False Move with mines- 83.70%
From DarkCore on 7/23/2007 Completed Modify
Pass Go 60 Go. >_>
Passed it 1st time with 76.39%
From TK.iN.ItG.r3h4b on 6/24/2007 Completed Modify
Ha!? I challenge you to * 3 of the following: Birdie, Bumble Bee, Baby Don't you want me, Little Kitty Mine, Normal, and Life of a Butterfly, and go get a *** on any [H] song while you're at it. Good luck and challenge me back.
* Bumble Bee [E]- 96.02, Little Kitty Mine [E]- 96.70, Birdie [E]- 97.25

***PA Theme- 99.09%
From h3llbringer on 3/07/2007 Completed Modify
I'm tempted to give you this one too...<br>
My crossover challenge :)<br>
<b>Do any 3 of the following:</b><br>
Pass The Beginning<br>
* Queen of Light<br>
Get a score for Oasis<br>
90% Disconnected -Mobius-<br>
90% Bend Your Mind<br>
90% Funk Factory
Passed the Beginning- 81.59
Passed Oasis- 75.41
Passed Disconnected Mobius- 93.09
Passed Bend Your Mind- 93.88
Passed Funk Factory- 91.88
From h3llbringer on 3/05/2007 Completed Modify
Pass Soapy Bubble!
Passed it with 81.34