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From PKMN.TonyHCC on 10/16/2007 Active Modify
Hey I'm kind of bored, so I'll send you another one. Pass one of these on Expert, WITH mines of course: Charlene or Infection. Also, score must be equal to or better than the failed scores you have right now.
Infection without mines (~75%), Infection with mines (70.94). I hit nearly 30 mines!
From TSW on 10/11/2006 Active Modify
Alright, it's my turn to challenge you and this will to improve your image ¬_¬

-You must bring all the scores that are currently on here to at least 80% (including Expert songs)

It's gonna take a long time but good luck =)
Temple of Boom Hard, Utopia Expert, Xuxa Expert, Hand of Time Expert, Robotix Expert, Sunshine Expert (Songs that need to be increased to 80%+) --- Hand of Time - 81.87, Sunshine - 80.78, Temple of Boom - 86.58 (3/6 Complete)
From PKMN.TonyHCC on 9/26/2006 Active Modify
Pass one of the 2 from here on Expert: 1)Know Your Enemy, 2)Soapy Bubble, and one of the 2 from here on Hard: 1)Vertex^2, 2)Pandemonium
This will be completed very soon.. 2 years later.. I know I can get Soapy Bubble and Pandemonium.
From PKMN.TonyHCC on 10/15/2006 Completed Modify
Double Star 4 of these on Hard: 1)Crazy, 2)Charlene, 3)PA Theme, 4)Kiss Me Red, 5)Spaceman, 6)Driving Force Classical, and DFC must be one of them cuz Catherine likes that song.
Driving Force Classical - 98.09, Crazy - 98.58, Charlene - 98.16, Kiss Me Red - 98.44, Spaceman - 99.32 (10/11/07)
From PKMN.TonyHCC on 9/07/2006 Completed Modify
This is much easier than Way's challenge. Star or better on 5 of these on HARD: 1)Little Kitty Mine, 2)Why Me, 3)Land of the Rising Sun, 4)No Princess, 5)Crazy, 6)PA Theme, 7)Do U Luv Me, 8)Driving Force Classical, 9)Bumble Bee, 10)Infection, 11)Disconnected Hyper, 12)Mouth
LotRS - 96.23, LKM - 96.29, DULM - 96.37, Mouth - 96.01, Why Me - 96.92 (9/23/06)
From WAY! on 9/07/2006 Completed Modify
ok this might be a lil tough but it will improve your accuracy......
get a total of 5 stars(96%+) in expert
Da Roots - 96.51, We Know What To Do - 96.63, Ride The Bass - 96.25, Why Me - 96.17, ROM-eo & Juli8 - 96.20 (10/11/07)