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From brian devore on 4/01/2007 Active Modify
fill in more expert scores
From hexx on 12/11/2006 Active Modify
After seeing pad gayness, I want you to pass Delirium. 70% if possible. If you want to send a *beat Pandy* challenge, go for it, that motherfucker is going down =D. Good luck Keith. Do this or andy will laugh at you lmao.
From Alextrebek on 12/09/2006 Active Modify
Hey, I've seen your posts on ITGFreak and you are a funny and winning person. Also, we have pretty similar skill levels, so it hurts me to see that you haven't passed Mythology; trust me, if you can get Destiny, you can get Mythology. Good luck!
From SuperNOVA Gian on 11/02/2006 Active Modify
Hello saw your scores so just want to help you improved so do a 96.00 in hard feel free to send me challenges you can add me if you want to make new friends good luck dude.
Will work on it.
From hexx on 9/20/2006 Active Modify
* Birdie Exp. And no, not not keyboard x.x;
I've got a 92 on it so far. Just 4% more...
From hexx on 9/15/2006 Active Modify
Hi Keith. Beat all 11's before me >.>;;;; Lol. Naw just 90+% any expert song(10+). Feel free to challenge back. Seeya at BB on fridays. And at school >.>
89.75% on Tribal Style. :( I probably could've gotten it if the pad didn't give me 2 misses.
From WanganSigma on 5/03/2006 Active Modify
get an 80%+ on birdie expert and baby dont you want me expert, challenge me back
Birdie - Yeah, done, with a 92. Baby Don't You Want Me, uhh... I barely got an 80, but since it was on R1, the actual score is lower.
From Dark Hunter D on 6/13/2006 Completed Modify
Get 85%+ On Lemmings On The Run Expert.

Also I'm about your same level so feel free to challenge back.
From Niya on 5/21/2006 Completed Modify
80%+ funk factory =)