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From AJL.RAY! on 6/26/2007 Active Modify
*** Monolith, The Beggining, and Mythology
lol, I already ***'d Mythology. just didn't a screenshot of it. thus, i forgot what i scored.
From DeathDefier on 6/20/2007 Active Modify
refill out all your scores and get a average of 96 or higher should be easy but going to take time. Challenge back :P
From xSikRiOtx on 6/13/2007 Active Modify
Since your starting to play for real now I think you need a challenge to motivate you =] ok first off trying playing more songs on expert get at least your average percent to 56 good enough right? And also get at least 30 tri stars because your FA is good enough to do that and also pass some 12s man ik you can rape those songs ;D