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BlueFang (Tim?)'s Profile

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User Name: BlueFang (Tim?)
Machine Tag: TIM?
Machine Location: Tennessee - Family Fun Center
Region: Tennessee
Total Quads/100%s: 10
Age: 39
Sex: Male
Play Style: Strictly No Bar
Member since: April 20th, 2005
Last Profile Update: November 20th, 2010
Tim? (No Bar and Barefoot Elitist)

I still play when my back is in okay condition, mainly playing for fun cause i don't live around much competition. Still play no bar and I've switched to barefoot style for various reasons. I finally switched all my scores to no bar after 2 years of being too lazy to do it lol. Actually I noticed that I'm ranked #2 in the world on no bar scores and I haven't put any new scores on here in about 3 years so I might be targeting #1 no bar soon, at least to hit 99% overall which was an old goal of mine that I might be good enough to accomplish now.
BlueFang (Tim?)'s Recent Scores:
Song Name Score (%) Pack Date Submitted
Mythology 98.97
In the Groove 11/20/2010
Anubis 98.96
In the Groove 11/20/2010
While Tha Rekkid Spinz 100.00
In the Groove 5/21/2007
Solina 99.94
In the Groove 5/21/2007
Mouth 99.75
In the Groove 5/21/2007
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(195 total)
Single In The Groove 1 & 2 Overall Percentages Double
Expert  98.51% 1.41%  Expert
Hard  99.54% 13.33%  Hard
Medium  0.00% 0.00%  Medium
Easy  0.00% 0.00%  Easy
Total  47.27% 3.74%  Total
Single Overall Percentages: ITG Courses Double
Intense  1.09% 0.00%  Intense
Normal  2.10% 0.00%  Normal
Survival  32.32% 0.00%  Survival
Total  4.63% 0.00%  Total