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PKMN.TonyHCC's Profile

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User Name: PKMN.TonyHCC
Machine Tag: TONY
Total Quads/100%s: 44
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Play Style: Sometimes Bar
Member since: March 31st, 2005
Last Profile Update: January 20th, 2009
Started playing ITG on March 23, 2005 when my university arcade's Extreme turned into ITG. I try to have pics (but usually too lazy to link all of them), but sometimes things happen.

I like playing with mods... sometimes, not always.

Yeah, most of the screenshots are screwed up.  Too lazy to fix them, so too bad! :P

Regarding Automation Intense: Yeah, SWFT, you don't even play anymore, and I haven't really had the motivation to play it for the time being.  One of these random days I'll get around to it.  Furthest I got was the long run on Determinator, using 2.5x mini.  If I ever pass it, it'll either be 2.5x mini overhead, or 2x overhead.  I'll just mark that challenge as complete for now.

NO MORE TIMED Challenges for now Please! :P  If you do send me one, I'm just gonna disregard the time limit. :)

Oh yeah! As much as I say pad this and pad that sometimes at the arcade, I never recalculate scores.
PKMN.TonyHCC's Recent Scores:
Song Name Score (%) Pack Date Submitted
Habanera 1 100.00
In the Groove 2 3/31/2009
Birdie 100.00
In the Groove 2 10/14/2008
Lipstick Kiss 99.41   In the Groove 2 10/13/2008
Summer ~Speedy Mix~ 82.06   In the Groove 2 10/13/2008
Sweet World 98.94   In the Groove 2 10/13/2008
Single In The Groove 1 & 2 Overall Percentages Double
Expert  98.28% 37.07%  Expert
Hard  99.80% 33.04%  Hard
Medium  6.97% 1.26%  Medium
Easy  0.56% 0.72%  Easy
Total  49.26% 17.52%  Total
Single Overall Percentages: ITG Courses Double
Intense  78.65% 18.62%  Intense
Normal  96.09% 14.20%  Normal
Survival  64.69% 0.00%  Survival
Total  85.13% 14.79%  Total