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Paranoia Boi's Profile

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User Name: Paranoia Boi
Machine Tag: PARA
Machine Location: Unspecified
Region: Virginia
Total Quads/100%s: 25
Triumph Points: 608
Age: 124
Sex: Male
Play Style: Unspecified
Member since: August 14th, 2006
Last Profile Update: January 19th, 2022
2006 Tony: YEP! dis ya boi Tony aka Paranoia Boi

i passed all 11s, 12s & 13s (but 1)........so im doin ok

.........its all good ^_^

2022 Tony: Holy crap i havent really touched this thing in like 15 years! I guess i'm back haha

It's still all good ^_^
Single In The Groove 1 & 2 Overall Percentages Double
Expert  92.41% 7.35%  Expert
Hard  11.88% 6.94%  Hard
Medium  0.00% 0.00%  Medium
Easy  0.00% 0.00%  Easy
Total  23.03% 3.47%  Total