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OmniQuark's Profile

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User Name: OmniQuark
Machine Tag: OQ
Machine Location: Ontario - Midway
Region: Quebec
Total Quads/100%s: 252
Triumph Points: 44
Age: 41
Sex: Male
Play Style: Strictly No Bar
Member since: August 5th, 2005
Last Profile Update: September 9th, 2013
Feb 1st 2008: bought new Frees because the old ones had blocks falling off underneath :(

Mar 13th 2007: bought my own machine :)

Jan 14th 2007: I bought Nike Free 7.0... these things are sooo cheating XD

Sept 16th 2006: All my scores after this date were done on R16... I hate R16... Easy mode sucks :(

August 9th 2006: Got new shoes! I think they're really great for ITG. Let's see what kind of improvement I can get ^_^

Febuary 20th 2006: This is now my cumulative profile. Challenges will be done with or without the bar, whatever I'm more confortable with. For specific bar, no bar challenges, send them to the appropriate profile :) I'll try to enter my scores as accurately as I can for the stuff that I erased :S These are my scores on the Ottawa machine basically.

Febuary 3rd 2006: Deleted the challenges that I completed no bar :(

January 19th 2006: I'll have 2 profiles from now on. One for my barred scores and one for no bar. :) This is the bar one :P

December 2nd: Bought a new USB stick...

November 28th: I lost my USB stick :'(

Machine fixed! Unbugged scores since sept 30th 2005!
OmniQuark's Recent Scores:
Song Name Score (%) Pack Date Submitted
Psalm Pilot 100.00   In the Groove 2 9/19/2013
One False Move 99.64   In the Groove 2 9/19/2013
Hustle Beach 99.84   In the Groove 2 9/16/2013
Habanera 1 99.70   In the Groove 2 9/16/2013
Hillbilly Hardcore 99.72   In the Groove 2 9/16/2013
Single In The Groove 1 & 2 Overall Percentages Double
Expert  98.79% 37.39%  Expert
Hard  99.66% 95.44%  Hard
Medium  99.89% 97.54%  Medium
Easy  99.99% 99.30%  Easy
Total  99.62% 83.60%  Total
Single Overall Percentages: ITG Courses Double
Intense  2.40% 0.00%  Intense
Normal  48.77% 9.35%  Normal
Survival  42.86% 31.59%  Survival
Total  27.29% 7.34%  Total
Single In The Groove 1, 2 & Rebirth Overall Percentages Double
Expert  78.17% 22.11%  Expert
Hard  64.57% 58.90%  Hard
Medium  62.04% 60.19%  Medium
Easy  61.70% 61.28%  Easy
Total  66.30% 51.08%  Total
Single Overall Percentages: All ITG Packs Double
Expert  4.04% 4.34%  Expert
Hard  3.19% 20.66%  Hard
Medium  4.54% 33.25%  Medium
Easy  6.71% 36.65%  Easy
Total  4.36% 20.34%  Total