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From Chavez! on 10/24/2016 Received Modify
Yo dude! It's Jared! I used to meet you guys down at Pier 39 when I lived in SF. I was going to culinary school but I would skate down there to meet you and Maddie every week. I think Daniel was there sometimes....and there was another guy, he was a computer engineer or analyst or something.
From OSC.Shadow on 8/11/2006 Received Modify
Oh. ^_^'
Well anyway, I used to whore that song. Still though, I'm glad I met you and Maddie and Hoodie and everyone else. Too bad I'm heading up to Washington State University soon.
From OSC.Shadow on 8/10/2006 Received Modify
I only beat you by like, what? 2 or 3%? Infection is one of my favourite songs. ^_^
From OSC.Shadow on 8/08/2006 Received Modify
Hey man, it's Shadow from SoCal. Your groovestats rapes mine! I am impressed.
From JOKR on 8/07/2006 Received Modify
hey!! haha. i need pics. hurry!! lol