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From kwakgoduck on 6/30/2009 Received Modify
I don't have the EPM file, I played it with Corey and passed on a sightread :-D as for the tribal revival chart, I can't get it from anyone PLUS theres no way I'm going to FC 32nds at 140 bpm
From kwakgoduck on 6/19/2009 Received Modify
you sent me a message saying "send me file" or something like that, what the heck does that mean lol
From kwakgoduck on 6/12/2009 Received Modify
What does that even mean???
From Rawinput - Administrator on 5/27/2009 Received Modify
Fix'd haha.
From Emibutton on 4/24/2009 Received Modify
aaron in japan! its an itg and DDr forum. its where all the events and tournaments are posted, along with score accomplishments and shitz =D

aaronin.jp <-type that in your search bar and it'll go there
then click forums ^_^
you can sign up and everything, its reeeeally useful!
From kwakgoduck on 4/18/2009 Received Modify
craaaaap.! as in saturday the 25th? my friends are having a huge end-of-year party...fsda;jlksfadlsjdfl;asdjf;ldsfj
From kwakgoduck on 4/18/2009 Received Modify
You actually passed them? For reals? I just looked at them on stepmania, and I don't think I could pass any of them. You must've picked up a LOT of stamina, damn.
From Emibutton on 4/15/2009 Received Modify
PS. are you on AIJ?
From kwakgoduck on 4/14/2009 Received Modify
I thought he beat TTFAF? Like... what kind of Dragonforce songs are you talking about? Which ones, stepped by who? Because I didn't know you could pass them; I can't anymore, since I've been up at college.
From Emibutton on 4/14/2009 Received Modify
mmk =] also i finally passed infernoplex =D and of course ima goin to the harrisburg tourney silly. im even freakin housing for it XD
From kwakgoduck on 4/13/2009 Received Modify
oh yeah, put heaven on your card and play it. if you can't 90+ it now you should eat a pizza.
From kwakgoduck on 4/13/2009 Received Modify
dragonfarce, no u. this summer i will, in the meanwhile i play nice fun songs, like emerald sword.
From kwakgoduck on 12/17/2008 Received Modify
Nvm, restart your clockwork timer. 96.60% as of 11:42 PM 12/17/08.
From kwakgoduck on 12/15/2008 Received Modify
And crap... I just remembered... I can't beat Clockwork... I'm suck. :-( When is my time up on that one?
From kwakgoduck on 12/15/2008 Received Modify
You can complete the soapy bubble challenge - at the time i sent it, i only had a 93. Now I'm up to 97.78 lol.
From kwakgoduck on 11/11/2008 Received Modify
My birthday is tomorrow. Send me a b-day challenge.
From kwakgoduck on 10/16/2008 Received Modify
Wow, you haven't even starred Kagami yet? Freakin' play it. Just once. You'll star it unless your legs are dumb that round. DL atmos break if you haven't - it looks cool. Gladiator fight = going down tonight.
From ElPapaCosmico on 9/22/2008 Received Modify
You <3 me? w00t
From Selks on 9/15/2008 Received Modify
Thanks for the challenge, was getting bored with groovestats lately, Ill start working on it.
From kwakgoduck on 8/09/2008 Received Modify
I didn't break it! I swear! It wouldn't work for me at all when I tried to play, so I gave up after 2 tries. :-(
From kwakgoduck on 8/05/2008 Received Modify
Yes I really *d monolith lol. It seems like once a week or every few weeks I really get... in the groove.

From kwakgoduck on 7/31/2008 Received Modify
99.05 on loituma. BEAT IT, I DARE YOU.
From kwakgoduck on 7/29/2008 Replied Modify
Clockwork is mine again - with a ripped up foot and in bad shoes, too.

El oh el. Epic win.

I'll get Xuxa next time I'm up for playing, and if I don't you may have my shoes.
From kwakgoduck on 7/25/2008 Received Modify
Congrats on 95%
From kwakgoduck on 7/18/2008 Received Modify
Try to tristar birdie or tribal style for that challenge; you've definitely got the accuracy and stamina for both of those songs to keep your excellents to single digits.
From kwakgoduck on 7/10/2008 Replied Modify
Wait a second... did you beat my clockwork AGAIN?
From kwakgoduck on 5/14/2008 Received Modify
Yeh, I only saw n00bs until last Friday... the guy that has the record for pandemonium on expert at the Coliseum was there. He's pretty good as far as I can tell, but I mostly just saw bracket raping... x.x

Ace was there for a while, too.

Other than those guys, there were a few n00bs.
From kwakgoduck on 5/09/2008 Replied Modify
I dunno if they're gonna have any kind of competition, but I heard that on Friday cool kids go so I'mma go around 5 and stay til close (9). You should drop by if your parents are randomly driving you around and we can kick some n00b butt. Games are kind of expensive compared to the Coliseum, though... :-/
From kwakgoduck on 5/06/2008 Received Modify
Bahaha I haven't done that yet... the no bar part, anyway. I got a 93% on the machine at the Colonial Park Mall.
From L!!!Hollis on 4/13/2008 Received Modify
congrats on gettin summah, i jus got it too a couple weeks ago XD
whats ur high score?