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From JetWorld on 6/08/2006 Received Modify
haha you're like the hugest faggot in the world, and your gf is chubby. <3
From Hoodie on 1/28/2006 Received Modify
I Win again, abandon the beat Hoodie to 60 expert ***'s >=]
From Krumb on 1/08/2006 Received Modify
was fun chillin with you norcal guys before the partners tourney
From SuperJoN! on 1/04/2006 Received Modify
u c what happens when u go up against AOA bitch lol jk
From BNS.Devman on 1/03/2006 Received Modify
lol. i really wanted to go to nationals but it'd cost me my college fund so i can't blow it on something i am not gonna do well in anyway :P it's not like i don't wanna go, i just can't.

Maybe i'll make a few videos or something? hmm maybe. i got an odd pandemonium no bar. but thats like the only impressive one. :P
From Hoodie on 1/03/2006 Received Modify
I WIN.. Beat ya to 50 ***'s...i didnt even know we were racing cause i just checked my challenges and saw it..so im like..lol i just got 2 more i win XD...
From BNS.Devman on 1/02/2006 Received Modify
so.. because i didn't specify, you jump on me and call me bullshit?

My scores aren't bullshit and yes i did use the bar? Sue me
From Stewie on 12/26/2005 Received Modify
Hey fool, i passed you as #1 person for MNA hahahahaha
From Simba on 10/03/2005 Received Modify
Hey thanks for the challenge but you are way better than me. Im from Fresno, maybe Ive seen you before.