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From MOE on 8/10/2008 Received Modify
hey u know shurf right?
From DarkCore on 3/12/2008 Received Modify
Thanks, I just passed my first 14 on PIU Pro yesterday too; Dignity CZ. I ended up passing it twice, the better score was 81.xx% though. =P You should try Pro whenever you get it.
From DarkCore on 3/11/2008 Received Modify
BTW, I got an 86 on We Goin' Fly CZ with the bar, and I was tired afterwards. I doubt there's any chance in hell that I can no bar it considering I don't play no bar, and I'd be twice as tired. =P
From DarkCore on 3/08/2008 Received Modify
Haha, yeah our local arcade got PIU Pro instead of NX2 (thank god). We have an Exceed 2 machine is good condition like...10 minutes away by bus from my main arcade. I could always play there if there was anything worthwhile that I should know about. Anyway, what can you pass? Since you don't have any PIU Pro scores uploaded, I'm kind of curious.
From DarkCore on 3/02/2008 Received Modify
Haha, I don't really play regular Pump because I find the passing/scoring system dumb. Selecting songs and selecting speed mods, I don't really have time for either. I've played around 3-5 games of regular PIU, and I just started Pro on Saturday. Hopefully I can get decent soon. =P
From DarkCore on 1/23/2008 Received Modify
87.xx% Euphoria, challenge complete.