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From nuclearlemons on 12/30/2010 Received Modify
Heh, you noticed. Yeah, I've been playing quite a bit lately (except for the past month or so). I play mostly customs nowadays, so I haven't really been working on officials too much. You would be surprised how much weight you can lose playing 11s and 12s for a couple of months, heh.
From StArBuCkS GrLaE on 9/10/2010 Received Modify
Hm..interesting. I don't think I'm going to get a chance to go to Vegas any time soon though. Or was that only a test location? A friend of mine happened to be in Vegas during the testing, and he said he didn't like it as much as Pro 1. And no he's not a "starving ITG player" lol. I'm fairly certain Pro 1 is his first dance game. I went to Rohnert Park recently and played on their machine. They had all the half doubles charts, but I didn't try any of them out.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 7/30/2008 Received Modify
My summer has been really boring actually. The ITG machine here isn't very good so I can't get any new scores. Most of my other time is consumed by work. I'm really just looking forward to going back to school in a few weeks. Glad to hear your stamina's improving, keep it up!
From xxxxx - Administrator on 2/18/2008 Received Modify
Teaching myself to read Flip was fun. It was like learning to play ITG all over again. If Flip doesn't interest you, you could try doubles, finding edits to songs that you like, playing with or without the bar, other mods (split, alternate, tornado, etc--just not all at once), or just not caring about your score. In the previous comment, I was specifically referring to the times when my friends and I would just hang out and play shitty ddr charts for the hell of it, without ever caring about our scores (because honestly, it's pretty difficult to care about DDR). Be creative, I'm sure you can find something fun to do with the game.
From StArBuCkS GrLaE on 1/21/2008 Replied Modify
When I said above average, I'm comparing myself to anyone who can pass almost everything on Expert up to whoever is number one world wide. I haven't been keeping track. Actually, that is my idea of fun. Getting a good score. For me, the fun in this game is getting that amazing score. I find fun in climbing higher and higher in the rankings. Who knows maybe one day I'll get in the top 200. So yes, it is fun for me to get 99% on 11s. If I don't get good scores, then the game isn't fun. I'm different from a lot of people. I can never enjoy something unless I'm good at it. Even if it's something fun. There will always be that nagging in the back of my mind that's telling me people are kicking my ass. But it's good that you can still find enjoyment in this game. Games are meant to be enjoyable and fun. My enjoyment just happens to come from getting the scores. I'm going to shut up now. I feel like I've just been repeating myself. I'm studying for finals right now, so I'm a little brain dead.
From StArBuCkS GrLaE on 1/19/2008 Replied Modify
Well, if you still enjoy the game itself, then perhaps you should continue playing. You don't seem to be completely like me. For me, unless I'm above average at something, I won't enjoy it. Besides, everyone has those select songs that everyone says are easy but you don't feel the same way. Hm wow that sentence made no sense. But yeah, if there's a part of you that still wants to play, then perhaps you should take a break first.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 11/25/2007 Received Modify
That's all right, maybe you should take a break then? Or at least try not to worry about your scores too much. I have way more fun when I'm goofing around rather than playing seriously and trying to beat my records. *shrug*
From xxxxx - Administrator on 11/25/2007 Received Modify
In reference to the private message you sent me... calm down and take another look at what I wrote. I wasn't saying that everybody else is at that level and you're not; I was saying that I believe you have the potential to reach that level with enough practice and dedication. You shouldn't have felt hurt by that last message at all. I know you're frustrated with the game, but you're taking this way too personally. What do you want me to say? Yes, clearly, everybody sucked at dancing games at some point. I'm certainly not unaware of this. What I am aware of, however, is that people WILL become better at this game as they continue to play. Take a look at the scores on Groovestats. Almost 600 people have SDE'd Birdie. Yeah, I know, you haven't. And guess what, I hadn't for the longest time either. But if that many people (over 30% of everybody with rankable Groovestats accounts) can pull it off, I think that says something about its difficulty. I'm confident that if you worked on it enough (and played on a better machine), you'd eventually get it too. It may seem like you're not getting anywhere, but if you really want to improve, you're going to have to push past that and keep playing the game. On another note, I think it's a rather ridiculous notion to say I've lost my connection with reality because you think I'm good at ITG or because I improved considerably faster than most people do. I mean, no offense, but you completely randomly came to me for sympathy to console your reported lack of progress/skill. I said you weren't physically incapable of at least SDE'ing most of the 9s and 10s, and therefore have the potential to get there eventually. I still believe that. But now you're calling me a delusional robot without feelings and questioning the validity of my major at CMU (which, by the way, is Computer Science, not Psychology) because you didn't think my response was sympathetic enough. I really don't know what you think I should have said. If ITG is pissing you off too much, take a break and try playing again after a month or so. Breaks have actually helped me improve and I know they've done the same for some of my friends. You're not going to get anywhere if you're constantly frustrated, so relax, realize I'm actually a decent guy (hell, you've never even met me), and remember that it's just a game.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 11/23/2007 Received Modify
I honestly don't think you can be "built" for ITG. I think everybody without some sort of physical disability is capable of bringing themselves to the point of at least SDE'ing most of the 9s and 10s. Stamina and foot speed are the only two issues that can be inhibited by your physique, and in general, these issues are typically resolved by learning to conserve energy with a more efficient playing style. (I've seen people waste less energy on Pandemonium than I do on Sweet World; your footwork can make a huge difference) And if you're not getting any new scores, try focusing on a different aspect of the game. When I can't seem to beat any of my records, I just work on my stamina instead by playing a bunch of edits (like I am right now). By the time that gets boring, I'm usually ready to beat some of my 9s again. So maybe try playing different songs or something. Just don't let yourself get frustrated over it. After all, you're playing on a crapocab, and those things are impossible. Some of my scores were up to 20% lower on that machine. You'd probably get better scores on a dedicab. lol
From wants_to_sleep on 11/22/2007 Received Modify
The challenges are meant to be somewhat long term, but not really. They may be a little aggravating, but the majority of the challenges I sent aren't really that hard for the others.
From thatguyfromcornell on 11/21/2007 Received Modify
5-starred Knights of Cydonia at GameStop today - around 304k. Those GH3 guitars are so much better...
From DT.Blake on 11/19/2007 Received Modify
Guitar hero's better anyway.**
From DT.Blake on 11/19/2007 Received Modify
awesome. :)
From nuclearlemons on 8/13/2007 Received Modify
Did you get Guitar Hero Rocks the 80's yet?
From DKUN on 8/06/2007 Received Modify
I sure am! I sent you a challenge :D
From thatguyfromcornell on 7/30/2007 Received Modify
Holy shit...you passed Jordan! That makes you the only person from DDR Club (as far as I know) to have passed it. Think you could do it again?
From Jared on 6/28/2007 Received Modify
Okay! I might be able to practice it some too because we got a SN machine at the Cyberstation (although it's in crap shape and once it gets fixed up it's going over to the new movie theater they're building where the Ames used to be).
From Jared on 6/04/2007 Received Modify
If you want, you can count the fail-score challenge as complete if you post all your current fail scores in your main profile page.
From Prinkster on 5/21/2007 Received Modify
Hey, what's up? This is Patrick, if you'll remember, we met at the Pier 39 San Francisco machine earlier today and played together. Anyway, it was a whole bunch of fun! You can check out my stats if you want, but they are pretty old and mostly on the ITG home version. Where did you say you went to college?
From Shinji Revived on 3/11/2007 Received Modify
Sorry to here about the machine. So if you played on a good machine, I'm sure your score's would sky rocket! :D
While I love Pump, I'm taking a break right now. I've been playing a lot, so I'm going to hold off on playing Pump till we either get NX, or I go to Pawprint's place at the end of the month. I can only play LIADZ and the rest so many time's where I need to break from it. That's what I love about R21...when you get sick of ITG song's, you can always change. Granted, because of this, I probably never will star any expert song's since I wont play them that many times. :/

Anyways, take care. Watch me make a fool of myself on youtube with "You Are a Pirate", "Boten Anna", "Peanut Butter and Jelly", etc. :D /later
From Shinji Revived on 3/09/2007 Received Modify
I see your still keeping up with ITG. I started playing again this week. You should get a USB drive and play custom song's the machine you play on has it. It's the main reason why I started playing again...new files, new steps, more fun. How can someone say no to song's like "Cooking by the Book", "You are a Pirate", and "It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!"? :D
From StArBuCkS GrLaE on 1/24/2007 Received Modify
Canon D..I'm really curious to see what a 20 looks like. I really like that song though. Moonlight is like Summer?? Alright I'll give it a shot. I'm planning to go play on Sunday to celebrate the end of my finals.
From StArBuCkS GrLaE on 1/22/2007 Replied Modify
I finally got to play Pump on an arcade machine. :o I passed some 13s and 15s and I believed I passed a 16. I have no idea what songs they were because my friend picked. I do remember passing Winter on Crazy but that's all I remember. Rofl I'm opposite of you. You don't flat foot anything, and I flat foot everything, even Pump.
From Dark Orochi on 12/14/2006 Received Modify
Hey hows it going? haven't seen you...in like forever. hahaha. whens the last time you went to MGL?
From IcyManipulator on 12/06/2006 Received Modify
I suck at doubles. Haven't gotten around to training on it.
From Pedro on 11/16/2006 Received Modify
Well, you suck. XD Just kidding, good job. I have been out of practice kind of. I am slowly losing interest since Konami took the rights of the series. >< But good job anyway. I think in technics you are better than I am. XP
From MeepingLychee on 8/16/2006 Received Modify
Oh yeah, aren't you that fella at MGL we saw one time who was like our commentator? You're a pump player or something like that, if I remember... Go to Cornell and whatnot, yep. Maybe we'll see you around sometime at MGL or RTA if you haven't gone back to school yet. Good luck on Fleadh Uncut? ^_^"
From JoKo on 5/11/2006 Received Modify
I passed ! expert.
I did it on a machine that faced sunlight so I had to put it on two player (its ok i play for free).
On my side I put all sorts of joke mods, then I put the ther player to c450. forgot bout the stop.
its legit according to groovestats if I upload it, but its not really fair, so ill re-do it.
its not hard, and I tried monolith twice today, got to 2/3rds first time, and got to 3/4th second time.
then I did pande hard, and cleared it 66%
my legs hurt a lot right now.