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From btch69 on 6/05/2006 Received Modify
He is this guy that plays at TILT, he plays with Brandon sometimes, but I forgot his name.
From btch69 on 5/22/2006 Received Modify
I Might Be There, But Then again I Might Not.
From btch69 on 5/22/2006 Received Modify
Nope. Nationals are in Germany and Qualifications are in Texas.
From btch69 on 5/19/2006 Received Modify
No it's iyengar.
From btch69 on 5/17/2006 Received Modify
Tight. I'll probably see you there if you go.
From btch69 on 5/16/2006 Received Modify
Congrats Youngin'!!! Are you gonna be at TILT Friday or Saturday?
From btch69 on 5/15/2006 Received Modify
My brother said it was already out but that we don't have it here in the valley. Check online... you can buy it off of itgfreak.com if you have a credit card or just have a friend buy it and pay them back.
From btch69 on 5/15/2006 Received Modify
Your birthday passed???? Happy (late) Birthday Youngin!!!
From btch69 on 5/11/2006 Received Modify
I dunnno if Josh comes on anymore or not. Umm.... I don't really know JJK, I just added her because she's really good and I wanted to have her as a buddy.
From envy_sds on 5/09/2006 Received Modify
A team???? isaa????? What the hell are you talking about Youngin'?
From btch69 on 5/09/2006 Received Modify
Hey, Um... No I don't really know that much about Stepmania. I'll be at TILT on Friday and Saturday.
From envy_sds on 5/04/2006 Received Modify
Hey, you added me. You know that I'm Meghan right??? I have two groove stats, cuz of the team stat info and regular stat info. See, Erik decided we should start a team like, two months ago, but I haven't any idea what's going on with it because he hasn't told me anything. So... Yeah. I gotta go for now, TTYL Youngin!!!
From btch69 on 5/03/2006 Received Modify
Yeah, he hasn't added me yet, but he probably will as soon as he logs on again. So... What have you been up to Youngin???
From btch69 on 5/02/2006 Received Modify
Hey!!! Glad you added me. Do you know Ryan? Aka DukAmok??? You should add him, Pete. His Tourny rankings are amazing!!! Look:

DukAmok's Tourney record:

AW - Top8
RGCa - Top8
JG6 - 1st
NC - 2nd
EAT4 - 3rd
GG - 3rd
LFNNA.05B (?) - 1st
JG.05 (?) - 1st
RGCb - 2nd
LFNN - 1st
GG2 - 1st
JG2 - 1st
GLT - 3rd
GAT - 1st
LFNN regionals - 8th
PSM->G- 2nd
HOT - 3rd
PDT - 2nd
KFC - 1st
LFNN 4 - 2nd
NIG2 - 2nd
FATTY - 2nd
RM6 - 1st
KLT - didnt place

Pretty interesting huh??? He's like the best player on IHYD. Well I gotta go send me a message back.