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From Mircatfly on 12/28/2007 Received Modify
Hmm, I doubt you even check this at all anymore, but this is Heather, Tyler's friend. The one from DC who sucks but you made play anyway!!! :) Anyway, I am just bored and this is pretty much the only forum I can see at work, so....yeah.
From Eternal on 4/21/2006 Received Modify
Use 2x on Awakening... Out of the Dark is early, Life of a Butterfly makes no sense, Amore is late, and Destiny is absolutely gorgeous <3
From Eternal on 4/07/2006 Received Modify
well, I cleared Energy, will that do? I have massive issues with the 3x part of D Hyper, and I 4-arrow flailed the end of liquid moon ^.^
From Eternal on 3/07/2006 Received Modify
Once I care enough to play Liquid Moon (I absolutely detest both the song and steps) I'll fix Energy... but ***ing Celebrate is gonna make me cry. You should have seen my face... It was a mix of "Yes, I comboed the whole course!!" and "WTF you're kidding me ARGH!!"