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From BlueFang (Tim?) on 12/25/2006 Active Modify
Erase that fake 60% VerTex^2 score, beat the song and put up I real freakin' score. Yeh, and make sure the score is at least 70% or above.
From Tennessee on 12/15/2006 Active Modify
I see Tim has passed you in the ranks. Come out of "retirement" and pass him in the ranks. Send me a challenge.
From JJK on 12/01/2005 Active Modify
Tristar My Favorite Game and Charlene.
From Legendary N8 on 11/16/2005 Active Modify
90% tell expert (shouldnt take you long lol).
From captain on 9/21/2005 Active Modify
ok....um....get a * on VerTex.

I haven't looked at your scores so I don't know what you have.
From InsaneMidget on 9/02/2005 Active Modify
Own a Marathon, 93%+ on Eat Your Feet (Intense). Leave me one.
From Demitri Omni on 7/17/2005 Active Modify
Heheheheh. First to Quad-Star PA Theme gets happy points! :3
From Jboy.VictoryDance on 3/16/2006 Completed Modify
what?! Lipstick Kiss > Kagami?!

Fix please? ^^
From Hoodie on 12/07/2005 Completed Modify
total: 30***'s on expert.
From Legendary N8 on 11/11/2005 Completed Modify
98% xuxa like you said you would = )
From Cyrus on 10/22/2005 Completed Modify
Pass Pandemonium.
From Solid Gold on 9/17/2005 Completed Modify
Pass Summer and Crush my score if you already haven't. Seriously, my score is crap, and I did it right after Euphoria, which is another thing you need to pass.
From Magenta Chaos on 9/17/2005 Completed Modify
15 expert ***
From nickdood on 9/17/2005 Completed Modify
Turn those B's into A's.
From Jboy.VictoryDance on 9/13/2005 Completed Modify
Alright you wanted an easy challenge...

** a song on Easy on either Flip, Cross/Centered, or Hallway/Split/Wave/Bumpy.
From Magenta Chaos on 9/13/2005 Completed Modify
90 on ! expert.
From Hoodie on 9/12/2005 Completed Modify
10 total ***'s on expert!
From Iceman0736 on 9/07/2005 Completed Modify
* Amore expert or 99 D-code or fleadh
From JJK on 9/07/2005 Completed Modify
Get at least 97% on both Hispanic Panic and Holy Guacamole.