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From Cyrus on 10/02/2005 Active Modify
triple-star all 9 block expert stepcharts.
From Cyrus on 9/04/2005 Active Modify
get all 12 blocks above 90%
From DannyBoy on 8/28/2005 Active Modify
Beat my fucking score on "QUIZ SHOW" nigga.

do it before TYRONE or some random nigger takes it.
From DSG.Drewtagonist on 8/18/2005 Active Modify
From DSG.Drewtagonist on 8/10/2005 Active Modify
Beat most of Dj Hush's Scores. Next week once I beat a 12. You better start your runnin.
From DSG.Drewtagonist on 6/19/2005 Active Modify
Run one mile everyday.
From DSG.Drewtagonist on 6/17/2005 Active Modify
YOU SUCK NOW, get better and build your stamina back.
From JJK on 6/08/2005 Active Modify
Teach me how to play Bouff.
From AFAD.sakuneko on 5/30/2005 Active Modify
WTF! break 80 on vertex, lol
From DSG.Drewtagonist on 4/25/2005 Active Modify
Get some better scores sir, you use to be on top of the world once. .Rank #1 on HARD.
From bluechows on 4/24/2005 Active Modify
99% everything on Medium
From u_r_not_turner on 3/11/2005 Active Modify
Full Decent combo any song on medium or higher with no mods other than regular speed mods (i.e. no c-mods), noteskins, and perspective. Get a pic too if possible :P
From JJK on 3/10/2005 Active Modify
Play more.
From DSG.Drewtagonist on 12/11/2005 Completed Modify
Complete one of these, 99 Summer In Belize,98 Charlene,97 Utopia, or 98 on Destiny.
From Mr Nice Guy on 9/24/2005 Completed Modify
99 Touch Me my friend, and the lord will always be in your hands.
From DSG.Drewtagonist on 9/24/2005 Completed Modify
That Mr Nice guy is right, 99 it already.99 The Game also.
From Dmoney(DMNY) on 9/17/2005 Completed Modify
get soapy bubble over a 90! Send me a challenge!
From AFAD.sakuneko on 4/29/2005 Completed Modify
hi hi, beat my horrid Tell Hard score, you're more than capable than this =p
From Magenta Chaos on 4/09/2005 Completed Modify
fill out your score sheet. i dont care if they are 75% fill in the rest of the medium songs.