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From No Rescores - Moderator on 9/19/2010 Active Modify
From Chaz on 3/19/2007 Active Modify
challenge me. beat determinator
From BeeBoop on 2/26/2007 Active Modify
Pass Cary in ranking
From MURDER.Dickey on 1/14/2007 Active Modify
Get a higher score on !
From BeeBoop on 1/14/2007 Active Modify
Pass Bloodrush and I'll give you a kiss.
I hate you
From BeeBoop on 1/09/2007 Active Modify
Become better than Ruben ;P
From BeeBoop on 11/05/2006 Active Modify
Fucking pass Pandemonium Expert. PssSsSHhHhHhHhHh
From BeeBoop on 10/30/2006 Active Modify
DON'T improve your Do U Love Me score, I think I can beat your score. Mwahahahahahaha
From 3s4Life on 8/21/2006 Active Modify
At least double star the beginning... it's not that hard you can probably tristar it
From BeeBoop on 6/28/2006 Active Modify
Dude.. *** Fleadh, Xuxa, and Walking On Fire.
From BeeBoop on 6/28/2006 Active Modify
lmao why did i tell you to kick yourself?

#1 machine record Zodiac Expert!!
and put my tag : D
From BeeBoop on 5/15/2006 Active Modify
Bee Boop.
From ssssss on 5/09/2006 Active Modify
99.50+ all your 9 foot tristars.
which basically means... just play them again.
From Magenta Chaos on 9/19/2005 Active Modify
74 expert ***
12 more
From LiL RyU on 11/05/2006 Completed Modify
add me on GS.
From LiL RyU on 11/04/2006 Completed Modify
99 walking on fire
I did this before you challenged me to do it I just didn't update yet
From MURDER.Dickey on 10/10/2006 Completed Modify
Beat something on flip
From BeeBoop on 9/29/2006 Completed Modify
I need to think of a challenge for you to do.. so hmm.. uhh this is hard I don't know

just do whatever.
I watched you 100 why me on hard
From MURDER.Dickey on 7/28/2006 Completed Modify
Play Doubles
From Peko on 5/16/2006 Completed Modify
*** music pleeze and holy guacamole
From BeeBoop on 4/27/2006 Completed Modify
kick yourself
From AFAD.sakuneko on 4/16/2006 Completed Modify
repass me on expert rankings.
From meAAAn on 2/24/2006 Completed Modify
beat my d.code exp. score
From Life on 1/29/2006 Completed Modify
Break someones face
From Crunchy Tizaco - Moderator on 1/17/2006 Completed Modify
From 3s4Life on 11/23/2005 Completed Modify
Stop failing at trying to be funny
From ssssss on 11/14/2005 Completed Modify
wtf, omg summer.............
From ssssss on 11/14/2005 Completed Modify
90+ on go 60 go
From 3s4Life on 11/11/2005 Completed Modify
How the fuck do you get only an 83 on Delirium and then rape Mythology and doublestar it? Break 90 on Delirium.
From Magenta Chaos on 10/25/2005 Completed Modify
find a picture of me wearing a pink shirt
From ssssss on 10/16/2005 Completed Modify
99 disconnected Disco
From Life on 10/16/2005 Completed Modify
Quit sucking and make it to TOP 16 in either of the upcoming tournaments
From ssssss on 10/16/2005 Completed Modify
qualify at GG
From IHYD.DukAmok on 10/04/2005 Completed Modify
From Magenta Chaos on 9/27/2005 Completed Modify
pick a color
From happygoluckygod on 9/22/2005 Completed Modify
Hi! Thanks for the challenge. Thought i'd challenge you back. 3 star Pick Me Up And Tango(h) and 2 star bloodrush (h). :)
From IHYD.Hush on 9/18/2005 Completed Modify
Come to the galleria and give me advent children
From J1mb0 on 9/15/2005 Completed Modify
LOL @ 97 on da roots LOLOL...get a *** on an expert song and S+ energizer expert
From Magenta Chaos on 9/03/2005 Completed Modify
change your fucking profile so i don't have to scroll across the screen to read shit.
From Magenta Chaos on 9/01/2005 Completed Modify
get ten hard ***
From Magenta Chaos on 8/29/2005 Completed Modify
From Life on 8/04/2005 Completed Modify
Input more of your double scores. You actually may beat me on Hardcore Symphony
From AFAD.sakuneko on 7/26/2005 Completed Modify
bah, **** something on easy or medium
Get Happy Easy
From Magenta Chaos on 7/26/2005 Completed Modify
post more scores
From Magenta Chaos on 7/26/2005 Completed Modify
add me to your friends list
From Magenta Chaos on 7/26/2005 Completed Modify
add fatguy and roc too.
From Magenta Chaos on 12/06/2005 Abandoned Modify
*** mythology expert before i do
From Magenta Chaos on 9/05/2005 Abandoned Modify
kill yourself