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From LP IS FOR CHEATERS on 4/26/2018 Active Modify
rich bitch.........Pass Instigator
From mattm on 6/18/2012 Active Modify
quad Anubis, Funk Factory, Delirium, and Disconnected Hyper
1/4, finally got anubis. (also I've had disco hyper on a cmod forever but yolo)
From Beremy on 3/29/2023 Completed Modify
Send a Groovestats Challenge
3/29/23 - sent a challenge to BlizzrdBall, my homeslice
From Based Honk on 6/23/2015 Completed Modify
M8land haha. Gj playing the stam. Now play feet speed
played some footspeed. Failed most of it.
From Based Honk on 5/19/2015 Completed Modify
Zack says you're a fraud. Also play more stam pls
I played some stam. Zack who? lol
From TheTruck on 3/08/2015 Completed Modify
Bring your Mute Sims Average up to 99.5 and Sudziosis Average up to 99.0
that was way harder than it should have been
From NBCrescendo on 8/31/2014 Completed Modify
Play a song and pass it
passed bloodrush, that was close
From mattm on 6/18/2012 Completed Modify
cool me neither
From xxxxx - Administrator on 4/25/2012 Completed Modify
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh pass Another Planet expert I DON'T GIVE A SHIT
whoops did this like a really long time ago haha
From DF.LemmingOnTheRun on 12/10/2011 Completed Modify
50 official quads and turn gay
From DF.LemmingOnTheRun on 5/28/2011 Completed Modify
play itg before summer's over and pass at least one 15 without bracketing you out of shape noob
oh hey I did this. Multiple times.
From DemonHybrid on 11/30/2010 Completed Modify
Wtf, Quad Charlene, 92%+ on Vertex^2 and Tristar Vertex. Easy peasy.
Finally did this like a billion years later
From DF.LemmingOnTheRun on 11/08/2010 Completed Modify
99.5 in rebirth
yay ReaF
From xxxxx - Administrator on 11/01/2010 Completed Modify
Don't beat Phil's score on Get Down doubles.... without putting your ass on the bar for at least five seconds of the song.
around 8 seconds I think
From DF.LemmingOnTheRun on 9/08/2010 Completed Modify
From ReaF.overclocked on 8/14/2010 Completed Modify
Beat Phil's score on Get Down doubles.
From Janus5k on 7/31/2010 Completed Modify
Get at least 94% on Emerald Sword. Considering it's a poser song about something that can't possibly exist this shouldn't be hard.
Yaaaay 94.50. Had to haul ass in the last runs because I got pad raped in the beginning.
From LP IS FOR CHEATERS on 7/09/2010 Completed Modify
99 Determinator, wtf you have 98 on Euphoria. BITCH.
From Janus5k on 6/01/2010 Completed Modify
Submit scores for the last two Rebirth Doubles songs. Also get a better 30 Minutes Harder score (at least a star), it's hilarious how old that one is compared to your other scores.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 1/19/2010 Completed Modify
Pass two 11s on doubles without the tRiCk rAiL!1!1!1! (Edit: You are, however, allowed to use the tRicK rAiL for matrix walks)
oops did this a while ago and forgot. Sweet world and mongolian grill.
From DF.LemmingOnTheRun on 12/23/2009 Completed Modify
90% marathon avg
From DF.LemmingOnTheRun on 11/30/2009 Completed Modify
99 avg in rebirth
From xxxxx - Administrator on 10/12/2009 Completed Modify
Oh and start posting scores on AIJ
From xxxxx - Administrator on 10/12/2009 Completed Modify
Get to the penis run in Salieri Strikes Back
bracketed the ass out of it
From xxxxx - Administrator on 10/12/2009 Completed Modify
Get at least a 70% on Pedal to the Metal (failing is fine)
failed with 72 or 3 or something, swag
From xxxxx - Administrator on 10/12/2009 Completed Modify
Pass Toho Mathematics (Gouki's)
From xxxxx - Administrator on 10/12/2009 Completed Modify
Get at least an 83% on This Calling
From xxxxx - Administrator on 10/12/2009 Completed Modify
Pass Beyond Abilities
ok I actually rate-modded something today with streams at 224 and I beasted them so I SHOULD be able to do this sometime soon.

(literally 4 years later) ok finally got it lol
From xxxxx - Administrator on 10/12/2009 Completed Modify
Pass Lost Souls in Endless Time. Except don't beat my score because I don't want to have to play it again; it's too tiring. :(
yay wtf how did i do this DONT WORRY ABOUT IT
From DF.LemmingOnTheRun on 10/02/2009 Completed Modify
triple star visible noise RTFN
yaay i win
From DF.LemmingOnTheRun on 8/07/2009 Completed Modify
blaze with power
From Janus5k on 4/21/2009 Completed Modify
Double Euphoria before I double Bloodrush. =D
From DF.LemmingOnTheRun on 3/27/2009 Completed Modify

yaaaay I win
From Janus5k on 3/03/2009 Completed Modify
Star The Beginning... on Medium... on Flip.
yaaaaay 97.something
From xxxxx - Administrator on 3/03/2009 Completed Modify
SUPER FUN CHALLENGE: Get a star on Pandy, but don't beat my score like you did on Summer because I'll be like =( and maybe ='(
From xxxxx - Administrator on 2/23/2009 Completed Modify
Your profile has been inaccurate for a while >_> So your challenge is to eat a banana
proof: http://www.new.facebook.com/home.php#/photo.php?pid=6021933&id=731435229
From titandude21 on 2/19/2009 Completed Modify
make it to the long holds break section in the middle of Cry of the Brave.
got past the jumps, failed in the solo. lol no stamina
From titandude21 on 2/19/2009 Completed Modify
you are lacking SDEs on Fly Away, Romeo, Renaissance, We Know What To Do, While Tha Rekkid Spinz, and Drifting Away. SDE four of those six songs.
6 on fly away, 6 on While tha REKKID SPINZZZZ, 8 on drifting away, 7 on WKWtD
From DF.LemmingOnTheRun on 2/19/2009 Completed Modify
Do a front flip and die

I win the internet.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 2/12/2009 Completed Modify
I'm bored, so here's a new challenge: By the end of February, get a good score on a 15 (or maybe a really hard 14). Then give me a week to try to beat it on Flip. If I can't, you win a quadstar or something. lol
89.04 on pride of the tyrant, GO!!!! Lol flip is hard... I can pass like some 4s....
From xxxxx - Administrator on 2/05/2009 Completed Modify
Also, you should fix your Vorsprung score. Seven excellents is definitely not a 98.74. Think you meant 99.74 ;)
lolWhoops... haha did the same thing for agent blatant, it said 96.something
From xxxxx - Administrator on 2/05/2009 Completed Modify
Shoot for a 98.5% average. The only thing keeping you down is the harder stuff. If you fixed your Determinator (really fix this one :S), Bloodrush, Pandy, and Energizer, you'd be pretty close.
bloodrush = no longer an awful score
From DF.LemmingOnTheRun on 1/26/2009 Completed Modify
upload your damn photos you noob
From xxxxx - Administrator on 1/25/2009 Completed Modify
Pass a 14 without bracket raping
holy orders, boss on parade (the easy one lol)
From xxxxx - Administrator on 1/25/2009 Completed Modify
Pass Fury of the Storm lolololol
From mklip2001 on 1/25/2009 Completed Modify
Two things: raise your average to at least 98 (you're damn close), and pass Stuntin Like My Daddy if you haven't already.
lol I really like this challenge. :)
From DF.LemmingOnTheRun on 12/14/2008 Completed Modify
pass Dokudenpa
pass half of the 11s no bar (from skiz)
passed Robotix, monolith, july, clockwork genesis, xuxa, charlene no bar... YESSSS I FINALLY PASSED DOKUDENPA
From xxxxx - Administrator on 12/13/2008 Completed Modify
Don't triple-star Walking on Fire. If you do, you lose. ...Not really, just shoot for 80 triple stars or something.
82 triples and a quad. I lose tho...
From mklip2001 on 12/13/2008 Completed Modify
When I compared scores today against you, I'm winning on 106 songs and you're winning on 6 (1 tie: Disconnected). The biggest margins I'm winning by are on Vertex and Go 60 Go. Improve those two scores, and beat me on at least 5 more songs (i.e. the comparison page should read 101/11/1 instead of its current 106/6/1).
Euphoria, July, bend your mind, cryosleep? (forget if that was one of the original six or not), spacy crazy girl, hardcore symphony
From xxxxx - Administrator on 12/11/2008 Completed Modify
Euphoria->88, Mythology->97.5, Hillbilly Hardcore->99, Bend Your Mind->97.5, !->94.5
yaay finally got a decent score on mythology (98.98)
From xxxxx - Administrator on 12/11/2008 Completed Modify
Pass any Dragonforce chart from the Cosmic Apocalypse pack, haha
YAAAAY my spirit will go on 71%
From xxxxx - Administrator on 11/16/2008 Completed Modify
Tri-star two 11's and get your Monolith up to 93
robotix (99.31) charlene (99.31) xuxa (99.39) monolith: 93.30
From xxxxx - Administrator on 11/16/2008 Completed Modify
Star all the 10's. You should actually be able to double-star most of them, but there are a few shitty ones like Soapy Bubble that get in the way
From xxxxx - Administrator on 11/16/2008 Completed Modify
Tri-star all the 9's
From xxxxx - Administrator on 11/16/2008 Completed Modify
Beat any of my official expert singles scores (other than Why Me, because that song is dumb).
disconnected mobius, 99.49
From xxxxx - Administrator on 11/12/2008 Completed Modify
Also raise your Mythology. It's 4% less than your The Beginning score, and that just doesn't make any sense.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 11/11/2008 Completed Modify
Shit, you're out of challenges already. Umm... pass V^2 with at least 70%.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 10/27/2008 Completed Modify
Get your 11s average up to 95% and your 12s average up to 89%.
From titandude21 on 10/17/2008 Completed Modify
get on the leaderboard (top 500) for expert single. the cutoff is currently at 95.49.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 10/04/2008 Completed Modify
Pass Uber Rave if you haven't already
From titandude21 on 9/30/2008 Completed Modify
get an account at rhythm.invisionplus.net. then get ten more triple stars.
flying high, we know what to do, the game, fly with me, tribal style, this is rock and roll, fly away, kiss me red, psalm pilot, high
From mklip2001 on 9/23/2008 Completed Modify
Fill out and improve enough scores to get a 90% average on Expert Singles in ITG 2. (This includes posting failing scores for songs you can't pass... Groovestats has an option to mark a score as failed.)
highest score ever = 27.47. LAWL
From mattm on 6/18/2012 Abandoned Modify
Get in there at FR IV
got out of there
From xxxxx - Administrator on 2/23/2009 Abandoned Modify
Btw you're pretty much better than I am now so you should try to have a higher "Scores Won" count than I do by the end of the semester. GOGOGOGOGOGOGO
ummm... I lose, lol. maybe by the end of next semester...