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From NBCrescendo on 10/03/2008 Active Modify
Get straight A's in school
From kwakgoduck on 10/02/2008 Active Modify
play moar
From kwakgoduck on 8/20/2008 Active Modify
Oh, alright bigshot. Pass Tricky Disco on the expert 10. And that quad is going to take a while... I'm not so great at getting all fantastics- I need to get a few excellents to let other people feel good about themselves.


Second part of this challenge - you've been using the bar the whole time, haven't you? Pass Pandemonium on Medium NO BAR. Bwaha. Eat a small bag of chips 10 minutes before or after you complete this feat.
Ha.. you're on for that...
From ITNH.Yume on 8/09/2008 Active Modify
get an 80 on Fledh Uncut, pass Tension, Temple of Boom, improve Energizer score, upload new scores.... get working USB drive! (and check out customs)
81 on Fledh, passed Temple of Boom on expert
From NBCrescendo on 7/20/2008 Active Modify
Don't care how you do it. Get a combo of over 1000.
Sweet!!! I've gotten to over 600!!!
From Kanji666 on 7/06/2008 Active Modify
Get at least an 80% on all 10 songs you have uploaded score for.
From IcyManipulator on 6/28/2008 Active Modify
Oooh. One more. Get a USB Dongle and upload 50 scores with it.
From IcyManipulator on 6/28/2008 Active Modify
Get a total of 10 Stars in Hard or Expert mode (a double-star counts as two stars)


Get 5 Single-Stars in Expert mode.
From IcyManipulator on 6/28/2008 Active Modify
Pass all Expert 9 charts. There are 53.
That should be easy now that I can pass 10's
From kwakgoduck on 6/26/2008 Active Modify
1.) Never speak of the cupcake. 2.) Pass Remember December on hard (that was my first ITG song evar!), and Pandemonium and Energizer on medium (second and third songs evar, consecutively!) 3.) Make someone really good send me their feet in teh mailz so I can be gooder. 4.) Eat a brownie. 5.) Look up any word that starts with Q in the dictionary and use it as the first word in your challenge back to me XD
Completed: 1 & 4, working on 2, 3 is hard, 5 is in progress
From ITNH.Yume on 6/15/2008 Active Modify
From Tim: Get a star on pad, and pass a 10. Good luck
I havent completed the whole challenge but I did pass a 10 (Queen of Light).
From kwakgoduck on 8/09/2008 Completed Modify
Complete one of my challenges

Completed one!!! now two!!!
From kwakgoduck on 7/02/2008 Completed Modify
Get a 99.3x average on all expert charts.

Or just beat Temple of Boom on hard. (The first time I played that song I got an 80 some percent... so get at least an 85!)

Its your pick on which one to do XD
I see your hard chart and raise you an expert score!!! 72%
From NBCrescendo on 6/19/2008 Completed Modify
Pass Da Roots, Flying High, Bumble Bee, and July -Euromix-.
Good Luck
Passed all songs!!!
From Kanji666 on 4/20/2008 Completed Modify
pass a 9 on pad!
I actually passed my first expert 9 song friday... Rome-O and Juli8
From Kanji666 on 1/20/2008 Completed Modify
ohhhh......hee-hee-hee.....pass a song on HARD! O_o MUAHAHAHA!!
Yes'm I passed a song on hard!!! That's right....

[EDIT]: Wow, looking back on this challenge, I am very proud of myself... and I feel like a loser at the same time lolz
From Kanji666 on 1/09/2008 Completed Modify
Bwahahaha! Awesome challenge: Enjoy your new flashdrive and songs! ^_^ Oh, and get and "S" on anything! (if you havn't already)
Got an S- on a hard song... major achievement ^__^