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From TJD.Exrave on 9/02/2007 Active Modify
star average! right now! =P
From Mantis on 9/25/2006 Active Modify
Pass an 8 or higher on Invisible! (No cheating =P)
From InspectorKen on 9/23/2006 Active Modify
Beat my Hardcore Symphony score. It's too low! =P And yes, passed Determinator[E] too. =P
From Amethyst2525 on 9/05/2006 Active Modify
pass Determinator Expert & stop letting it scare you =P
From Mantis on 6/07/2006 Active Modify
Get an S or higher on Disconnected -mobius- Expert with Robot, Centered, Cross.
From icker on 6/05/2006 Active Modify
I challenge you to get a B on Pandemonium Medium Simple Stomp.
From X3N0 on 1/04/2006 Active Modify
Complete Determinator on [E] =D G00DLUC|< ! X3N0
From Linkontario on 12/21/2005 Active Modify
Beat all 12 footers AND one 13 footer of your choice!
From TJD.Exrave on 6/30/2006 Completed Modify
get Fly With Me, Do U Love Me, and Walking on Fire all starred. I have a close dbl-star on DULM and WoF, and a near-99 on FWM so you should be able to AT LEAST star them, which is why im wondering why i dont see them starred in your account =P
From TJD.Exrave on 4/06/2006 Completed Modify
hmm to keep you busy to get new scores, submit scores for all your empty songs except for Determinator, Pandy, and V^2. Unless you can, then that's a bonus XD
From TJD.Exrave on 4/03/2006 Completed Modify
Star Hip Hop Jam and Agent Blatant only cuz I can and anything I can do you can do ;)
From InspectorKen on 3/24/2006 Completed Modify
Pass Around200[I], and get 110%+ on Getting Started[I]. =P
From InspectorKen on 2/13/2006 Completed Modify
Need work on stamina?? No bar a 12 footer and beat it. Also beat Caddywhompus[N] and Eat your Feet[I] without practicing on stepmania. ;p
From CFAC 317 on 2/05/2006 Completed Modify
nice scores man, except for that hardcore symphony, get that above a 72%, its not hard, challenge me back
From X3N0 on 12/21/2005 Completed Modify
This one is a little tiring..but hey..you'll like it to a point...lmao..anyways..Do Monolith..on Hard..With Stream..yes it still keeps you ranked..HEHE..and Try and get a 90.00% or higher..well have fun, and G00DLUC|< ! X3N0
From X3N0 on 12/15/2005 Completed Modify
Try getting a Star on Wanna Do Expert...:) Well have fun and G00DLUC|< X3N0