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From Snicklefritz on 1/25/2009 Active Modify
learn your crossovers then pass oasis, soapy bubble, and visible noise with 75+ =D gooood luck challenge back
From Jessica. on 12/06/2008 Active Modify
90%+ all expert 9s from ITG3.
From Mantic on 10/07/2008 Active Modify
Geez, so challenges were all it took for you to stop being ironic? 98 Hustle Beach.
Psh, didn't you notice how old Tony's challenge is? It's just the easiest route to motivate myself when getting back into ITG. I'm horrible now, it's pretty embarrassing. Also, I thought you enjoyed my irony. Update (16 November 2008): I'm at 97.09%. I hate this song. Update (06 December 2008): 97.48% from a while back. Still hate this song. Probably a bit more now.
From PKMN.TonyHCC on 7/12/2008 Active Modify
90%+ All Expert 9s :P
So I guess I'm actually getting around to trying to complete this now. Update 16 November 2008: 56/57 completed. I hate Disconnected.
From .. on 4/18/2008 Active Modify
Pass an official 12. :D
From Jessica. on 3/15/2008 Active Modify
Jacky's challenge: star an expert 10.
From evascythe on 1/19/2008 Active Modify
oh hi jessica! 1) pass robotix 2) get a star!! 3) raise your overall expert % to 65 by playing some new songs
Passed Robotix (25 January 2008) / 96.20% on Starfield Hard 8 (05 February 2008) / still in progress
From .. on 3/14/2008 Completed Modify
Double star starfield
wheee done! (11 April 2008)
From Connor. on 3/10/2008 Completed Modify
full combo an official 10 of your choice star an expert chart thats on the machine already
Why did it take me a year to do this? Cryosleep FC 92.99% (10 April 2009) - no usb =( / Starred No Princess expert 96.12% (21 March 2008)
From Jessica. on 2/05/2008 Completed Modify
Greg's challenge: 75% hard percentage
Reached 75.35% 12 March 2008
From Dmon on 11/19/2007 Completed Modify
Hi! Heres a challenge for you, get 80% on incognito, queen of light, and liquid moon on hard and send back challenge :). Good luck!
Completed tonight! (23 November 2007) Incognito: 87.90% Queen of Light: 93.19% Liquid Moon: 83.40%
From Jessica. on 10/07/2008 Abandoned Modify
Jacky's challenge: star five 9+s within two weeks
Only got one, oh well. Didn't play enough.
From Connor. on 5/08/2008 Abandoned Modify
pass 2 NEW official 11s before i leave
Don't think I'm going to play again before you leave.