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From -Poprockx! on 3/14/2009 Active Modify
Get back into dance game and gain the stamina to pass something above a 10 again.
From Mad RobNoBarKid on 8/14/2007 Completed Modify
alright, it looks like you currently have 13 songs above 80%, 2 are 10-blocks, and 1 is above 90%. So for this challenge, get 7 more expert songs above 80%, one of them being a 10-block, and get another song above 90%, so when finished, you should have 20 80% or higher scores, 3 that are 10-footers, and 2 that are above 90%. Sorry if this is a bit confusing, haha
Done =] You miscounted though. I already had 3 10 block songs above 80...Cryosleep, Fleadh Uncut, and Queen of Light.. Either way, I brought Hand of Time up to an 86.09 ^_^
From -Poprockx! on 7/07/2007 Completed Modify
Stop Sucking
I need to work on some FA but I think I've gotten alot better XD