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From Dmon on 3/15/2008 Active Modify
Get 2 new * on expert
From Dmon on 10/13/2007 Active Modify
Now now Pass Euphoria!
From (SSS)Exchro on 8/03/2007 Active Modify
Beat redd in !
get a higher average than her.
get 95+ on all the 9's,
Pass another 12, {piece of advice, to beat redd faster, pass more songs than her, even though she marked down some songs she didnt pass.(eg, bloodrush, vertex 2 etc)}
and last thing, hurry up :P
lol this will drive rebecca to insanity xD nice.
From (SSS)Redd on 7/16/2007 Active Modify
lol jk anyways~ make sure that all of your 10`s are 80%+ *bye bye love*
missing soapy bubble and some other song T_T
From (SSS)Redd on 8/04/2007 Completed Modify
Oh god...you guys are soo gay xD...I really don`t care stefan...and hassan...why does it bother you so much ~ Oh wells anyways Lol...I see you didn`t complete my challenge yet..hmmmm... well then ..uhhh...Oh I know .....when you pass go 60 go...get atleast a 75%^^..shouldn`t be too hard...OH and good job on Twilght^^
Lol done =P
From Dmon on 7/31/2007 Completed Modify
Oh heres another one, Pass Tell or Vertex.
passed tell!
From Dmon on 7/31/2007 Completed Modify
Hi! Pass Go 60 Go and send me a challenge. Good Luck.
Done! with an 81%
From (SSS)Redd on 7/02/2007 Completed Modify
Hahahahahahaha here's a challege for you and me ^-^...lets see if you pass delirum before me....if I pass first...you set this challege as abandom...but if you pass first you set as complete...hahaha lets see who win's
you did good my love, but it's now my turn to set the challenges for you ^^
From (SSS)Redd on 6/14/2007 Completed Modify
Here's another challenge for you...Give me a challenge xD....Not kidding -.- ! hehe...cya later
I <3 U Redd ^-^
From (SSS)Redd on 6/11/2007 Completed Modify
P.s. And that thingy was supost to be a bunny *~*
lol ^^
From (SSS)Redd on 6/11/2007 Completed Modify
Haha...looks like I have to give you another challenge...Ok...here's a REAL challenge <3 get atleast 10 * on either [E] or [H]..I don't care..bring up your average ^-^ And....Pass.....Soapy Bubble with atleast a...70% Goood Luck!
LOve you *Redd*
( )_( )
From (SSS)Redd on 6/07/2007 Completed Modify
Ok Mr. smarty...your new challenge...make sure all your scores on groovestats are yours...I know some of them aren't..because I know you didn't get a ** on a 10 step xD...But yeah just go though them....and also complete all your 10's except soapy bubble and One false move GL ^-^ (Love you <3)
Done <3
From (SSS)Redd on 6/03/2007 Completed Modify
complete all your 9's [E] ...might take a while but you'll have funn with it ^.^
all done ^^