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From KO0L-JaY- on 1/20/2010 Completed Modify
star summer
96.93%... in August.
From ninetenkevin on 11/02/2009 Completed Modify
99% average for all 10s. 98.80 as of this challenge :D
Lol? Got it... Year and a half later. xD
From djMHT on 9/17/2009 Completed Modify
Play couples with me this weekend. And don't fuck up for a change.
From Jumong on 6/05/2009 Completed Modify
Nice on the Tripple on "Mythology". Tripple another 11.
Got Charlene after you left. June 11th, 2009.
From Jumong on 4/01/2009 Completed Modify
Find the cookie store at Great Lakes Crossing. It is located next to Jeepers from the inside. You can even see through the large window while playing ITG. Good luck.
I finally found it! Took 3 tries!
From MIA.ZackCh00bz on 2/15/2009 Completed Modify
99 D code and QoL
Finally did it!
From KO0L-JaY- on 12/12/2008 Completed Modify
Pass Ceder's Live Forever this might take you a while but i know you can do it =)
O...k... maybe not impossible. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3zNZD0feuE
From djMHT on 12/12/2008 Completed Modify
This weekend we MUST take back our Destiny couples score. If you get any greats or misses i'll break your legs before Rocky Mount.
You got the greats. So I'm calling this complete.
From djMHT on 12/03/2008 Completed Modify
Beat me this Saturday on Determinator & The Begining.
Done, and it's a good thing you changed the rules to "or" instead of "&". I won The Beginning, but you defeated me on Determinator. Gratz on us going to the Dragonforce / Powerglove concert. Your a trooper.
From KO0L-JaY- on 11/05/2008 Completed Modify
Trip star bumble bee expert you can do it =D

From KO0L-JaY- on 8/26/2008 Completed Modify
trip star fly away :)
got it ^^
From ninetenkevin on 5/28/2008 Completed Modify
Triple star a 10
Done. Tribal Style. 99.16
From KO0L-JaY- on 2/23/2008 Completed Modify
can u delete my old ss3kool-j and add my new accountBad.kool-J 2 ur friendlist plz i forgot my password 2 my old account lol so i made a new 1
This one took a while... but I finally accomplished it.
From Pharaoh Jeff on 2/13/2008 Completed Modify
Star an expert doubles chart. Kiss Me Red and Mouth were my firsties. Not in that order, but maybe give them a try? Mellow and Oasis are shit easy too.
Got Mellow, then next song got Torn.
From Pharaoh Jeff on 1/23/2008 Completed Modify
Gah! You must've been so pissed when your score came up on the Game. AHH! So my challenge to you, trip star it. =)

P.S. I do remember Air.
COMPLETED! With a 1 Excellent increase.
From SS3.KO0L-J on 12/18/2007 Completed Modify
Tri- star birdie
From SS3.KO0L-J on 12/18/2007 Completed Modify
Get at least a 90% on the beginning
From Jumong on 12/17/2007 Completed Modify
pass air
Passed this one a while ago at Frankenmuth. I believe I still have one of the machine record spots. Unfortunately that is my only proof. Oh, and Jeff, if he remembers. :P
From Jumong on 10/12/2009 Abandoned Modify
the the following set with your shoes untied: on a day like today, soapy bubble, mythology
Ughhhhh. My shoes are going to come off... or worse, break. I'll wear an old pair for this one.
From KO0L-JaY- on 3/27/2009 Abandoned Modify
Pass Bonecrusher By The end of this year (:
From Jumong on 3/22/2009 Abandoned Modify
go buy 3 cookies. play go 60 go expert and eat the cookies while playing.
I choked, died, got revived in ambulance. Thanks for the challenge!
From MrMeatloaf on 2/07/2009 Abandoned Modify
Quad something Expert by 2010.
98% average by your B-Day.
Quad-star's suck... wait, maybe I just suck.
From Pharaoh Jeff on 7/28/2008 Abandoned Modify
If you can pass Monolith Expert Doubles you can pass ! Expert Doubles. Do it.
Temporarily given up. I lost interest in doubles.
From pwn73554 on 2/10/2008 Abandoned Modify
quad something w/me while we're playing team doubles XD
Won't happen. Not when you never go to jeepers anymore.
From Jumong on 12/26/2007 Abandoned Modify
vertex beta then... haha hahaha ha HA! ok
hahaha, ok sure, actually... nah.