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From tmon on 1/25/2007 Completed Modify
lol me and agent dont get along but i will try lol im playing on an upgrade so its kinda hard to 99 stuff i love ddr tho i have 3 on max 300 on my feet - the miss lol but idk how good u r so try get under 10 on that on your feet
Under 10 misses? If so, ill try to do that on PSMO.
From DarkCore on 1/02/2007 Completed Modify
Break 90% at the arcade on Mythology (Expert).
USB Backed up but it shows as Machine as a 93.29
From DarkCore on 2/01/2007 Abandoned Modify
Alright, since you completed my other challenge I'm adressing a new and more challenging one. Star Cryosleep, Fleadh Uncut, and Music Pleeze all on Expert since you're so close to starring them anyway. Oh, and looking at your ITG home version scores on Easy you should be able to quad-star at least 5 songs at the arcade also on Easy. Good luck, and send me another challenge please since I've completed your D-Code Challenge. =P
Nice Challenge, I will attempt the Quad Stars once the arcade switches the Bad ITG Dance Pads with the Goood DDR ones.