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From dj Tifaheart on 2/10/2006 Active Modify
Let's see three more triple stars on any hard song. :)
From Shayne on 11/11/2005 Active Modify
Tri-Star Psalm Pilot.
From djtyrant on 8/07/2005 Active Modify
Get a 94% on Solina Expert
From dj Tifaheart on 3/08/2005 Active Modify
To get a 80% or better on Pandemium(SP?) Hard.
From dj Tifaheart on 3/14/2006 Completed Modify
Alright, I've already told you this on AIM. :P So sue me. XD Get a 97-98% on any expert song that you choose. :D
From Wrath04 on 2/09/2006 Completed Modify
Double Star a Hard difficulty song
From Wrath04 on 8/16/2005 Completed Modify
Get a score for The Beginning
From Wrath04 on 8/16/2005 Completed Modify
Star an Expert song.
From Loogaroo on 8/16/2005 Completed Modify
Get a 93% or better on Disconnected Mobius Expert.
From dj Tifaheart on 4/16/2005 Completed Modify
Hm... change Pand. hard to medium. :P 80% or better.
From 3s4Life on 11/26/2005 Abandoned Modify
5 doublestars by EAT 5
Didn't do it :(