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From DT.Blake on 4/09/2007 Active Modify
Yeah there is dude, theres this glitch where you need to press "up up left down up right right" at the Dance menu and itll hack your timing windows to make 4 stars possible
From C0m37 on 5/08/2006 Active Modify
improve your Sunshine score
From meAAAn on 3/05/2006 Active Modify
clear energizer doubles exp
From Life on 1/29/2006 Active Modify
Repeat the challenge you completed on Sep 28, 2005.
From IHYD.Tiza - Moderator on 12/18/2005 Active Modify
I have an idea! Become even more of a master at 12s. I'm really sorry I ever had the nerve to challenge your skill >_<
From IHYD.dimo on 12/04/2005 Active Modify
why do you have S and * scores for hard? ** or *** everything. now.
From ssssss on 12/02/2005 Active Modify
only 23 songs left
From IHYD.dimo on 12/01/2005 Active Modify
two things:
From IHYD.dimo on 12/01/2005 Active Modify
we're gonna win everything.
From IHYD.dimo on 12/01/2005 Active Modify
you still fucking havent passed vertex²?!?! god you suck.
From ssssss on 12/01/2005 Active Modify
107 ***
From nano on 11/29/2005 Active Modify
get 5 more *s or higher on expert
From ssssss on 11/29/2005 Active Modify
im submitting hard mode now.. i need 40 more songs.. so I STRONGLY SUGGEST you play pandy again
From ssssss on 11/18/2005 Active Modify
beat my hustle beach score
From Magenta Chaos on 11/16/2005 Active Modify
99 xuxa, july, infection, and destiny. improve all other 11 foot scores by at least 1% except charlene. complete by january 1st.
From Magenta Chaos on 11/16/2005 Active Modify
ten groovestat number ones.
From Magenta Chaos on 11/16/2005 Active Modify
pass vertex^2
From Magenta Chaos on 11/16/2005 Active Modify
improve every expert score before nationals.
From ssssss on 11/16/2005 Active Modify
every12 up to at least 90
From ssssss on 11/10/2005 Active Modify
Actully only one now....
From ssssss on 11/09/2005 Active Modify
bloodrush....Hus...h... oh wait...
From Magenta Chaos on 11/08/2005 Active Modify
90 *** on expert
From IHYD.DukAmok on 11/06/2005 Active Modify
From ssssss on 10/31/2005 Active Modify
99 every hard song thats not pandy..
From ssssss on 10/25/2005 Active Modify
can i get advent children?
From ssssss on 10/17/2005 Active Modify
100% great torn????????
From Magenta Chaos on 10/13/2005 Active Modify
90% greats all expert 9's
From ssssss on 10/12/2005 Active Modify
FC SDF Flying High
From Life on 9/22/2005 Active Modify
Aight bitch. Beat my QOL score. Once thats done, we race to see who can beat Justin. Loser its a bowl of camel dicks
From C0m37 on 9/19/2005 Active Modify
*** One False Move and Mythology expert.
From Magenta Chaos on 9/19/2005 Active Modify
*** twilight and agent blatant expert
From IHYD.Hush on 9/18/2005 Active Modify
get 3 more ****'s on hard and get the rest to a ***
From bluechows on 9/12/2005 Active Modify
Get exactly 97.88% on Why Me expert
From HispanicPanics.Dizzy on 9/07/2005 Active Modify
100% da roots before me, and dont ever tell me to 99 hybrid again :(
From C0m37 on 9/03/2005 Active Modify
Submit a Marathon score on normal and intense. Make it a 96% or higher. the The Marathon on Intense must have mods.
From IHYD.Hush on 8/17/2005 Active Modify
Beat all of my scores on Groovestats
From IHYD.dimo on 8/15/2005 Active Modify
beat hush's this is rock n roll score while yelling this is rock n roll over and over then beat megamanx's this is rock n roll score blinfolded + random.
From IHYD.Hush on 8/03/2005 Active Modify
Be the first to get 100% on Da Roots
From Fatguy on 7/27/2005 Active Modify
Beat all of Ninz's score and send me a challenge.
From IHYD.Hush on 7/25/2005 Active Modify
99 all 10's on ITG & ITG 2, plus send me some challenges
From jAAAmes on 2/15/2006 Completed Modify
From ssssss on 1/26/2006 Completed Modify
get a groovestats #1
From IHYD.dimo on 1/18/2006 Completed Modify
come to lfnn again :(
From AFAD.sakuneko on 1/05/2006 Completed Modify
fix visible noise, 98.5 plz
From IHYD.dimo on 1/04/2006 Completed Modify
play ITG. i heard you like to move it move it? confirm/deny.
From IHYD.Tiza - Moderator on 12/18/2005 Completed Modify
That, and stop sucking at Bend Your Mind
From JJK on 12/08/2005 Completed Modify
Fix your age.
From ssssss on 12/08/2005 Completed Modify
raise Go 60 Go and BYM on hard. to atleast high 98, if not 99
From Magenta Chaos on 12/06/2005 Completed Modify
win regionals.
From C0m37 on 12/06/2005 Completed Modify
99 Mythology before I do
From ssssss on 12/05/2005 Completed Modify
ok here's the official list, This is Rock A roll, Ride the Bass, Renasiance, Spacy Crazy Girl, Music Pleeze, Mellow, Euphoria, Bloodrush, and Cryosleep. We know what to do.. lol.. :p
From IHYD.dimo on 12/05/2005 Completed Modify
hang out with me when i get back :D
From ssssss on 12/05/2005 Completed Modify
im close to a 98 on pandy
From IHYD.dimo on 12/04/2005 Completed Modify
come to lake forest either this weekend or next and hang out with me asshole
From Life on 12/01/2005 Completed Modify
Aight Bitch heres a real challenge. Win a tournament, youre good as fuck now!
From Magenta Chaos on 12/01/2005 Completed Modify
** two twelves.
From IHYD.dimo on 11/17/2005 Completed Modify
submit vertex² and wanna do hard... then youll be number 1 or 2 on hard
From Magenta Chaos on 11/17/2005 Completed Modify
rank number one on hard mode before lilq does.
From ssssss on 11/16/2005 Completed Modify
OOTD on chance.. i hate you
From IHYD.Hush on 11/08/2005 Completed Modify
80 triple stars on expert
From JJK on 11/06/2005 Completed Modify
Kill Fatguy
From IHYD.dimo on 11/06/2005 Completed Modify
From IHYD.dimo on 11/06/2005 Completed Modify
From ssssss on 11/06/2005 Completed Modify
dont get 98 on my favorite game ever again
From Magenta Chaos on 11/06/2005 Completed Modify
stop losing to ryan.
From IHYD.dimo on 11/03/2005 Completed Modify
beat my ridethebass score (99.51 10ex) btw you have a LOT of active challengesssss
From Magenta Chaos on 10/25/2005 Completed Modify
*** disconnected hyper and queen of light
From Magenta Chaos on 10/19/2005 Completed Modify
star two 12s.
From IHYD.dimo on 10/19/2005 Completed Modify
great attack with me
From IHYD.Hush on 10/11/2005 Completed Modify
YOU HAVE TOO MANY ACTIVE CHALLENGES!!! WTF, Beat 10 of your active challenges NOW!
From Magenta Chaos on 10/11/2005 Completed Modify
play at least two 12's each time you play until october first.
From ssssss on 10/11/2005 Completed Modify
From IHYD.DukAmok on 10/11/2005 Completed Modify
From C0m37 on 9/28/2005 Completed Modify
Summon Your Zord
From IHYD.DukAmok on 9/28/2005 Completed Modify
From C0m37 on 9/28/2005 Completed Modify
Don't kill fatguy
From C0m37 on 9/28/2005 Completed Modify
Sell me ALL the volumes of Video Girl Ai.
From Life on 9/28/2005 Completed Modify
So how bout them doubles?
From IHYD.Hush on 9/15/2005 Completed Modify
beat MY This is Rock N Roll score (99.64% 7 ex)
From Magenta Chaos on 9/15/2005 Completed Modify
*** one false move and remember december
From Dmoney(DMNY) on 9/12/2005 Completed Modify
Get 3 new double stars! Send me a challenge!
From IHYD.DukAmok on 9/09/2005 Completed Modify
yeah stop sucking, and submit all songs on Expert.
From IHYD.DukAmok on 8/31/2005 Completed Modify
From IHYD.DukAmok on 8/29/2005 Completed Modify
Beat the hell out of edgars challenge
From Life on 8/29/2005 Completed Modify
Race ya to who can SDE Turn It On Expert 1st to claim the top spot
From ssssss on 8/25/2005 Completed Modify
give me some legacy business cards..
From IHYD.dimo on 8/14/2005 Completed Modify
ok fucker, now beat my this is rock n roll score (99.34).
From IHYD.dimo on 8/10/2005 Completed Modify
*** d-code, charlene, and join me in the quest to *** the bitch of a song that is anubis.
From 3s4Life on 11/03/2005 Abandoned Modify
Beat Duk at GLT
From IHYD.dimo on 11/02/2005 Abandoned Modify
i got 80 tristars. you lose.
From IHYD.dimo on 11/02/2005 Abandoned Modify
race to 80
From IHYD.Hush on 10/01/2005 Abandoned Modify
Get first at LFNN
From IHYD.Hush on 9/23/2005 Abandoned Modify
Get 80 ***'s before me.
From IHYD.Hush on 8/07/2005 Abandoned Modify
Get 1st at the tournament this Saturday