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From mendellee on 11/12/2015 Active Modify
99 percent+ on nine 9s
From mendellee on 2/20/2006 Active Modify
improve keel over intense single score.
From mendellee on 2/16/2006 Active Modify
beat driven double intense.
From discovolante on 2/11/2006 Active Modify
10 Expert Single **'s and one Expert ***. Challenge back if you have the time.
From licyeus on 2/10/2006 Active Modify
I didn't notice the date of your scores, haha. Star Walking on Fire expert as well.
From omo on 4/03/2005 Active Modify
Get 92% on Vertex medium doubles with 1.5x and no other mods
From Eternal on 3/07/2006 Completed Modify
* Awakening normal single ^.^ It's a really fun course!
From MazriM TaiM on 3/07/2006 Completed Modify
Improve Infection Expert to 80% and Disconnected Hyper Expert to 85%. Those are old scores and you should be able to do them with a little practice IF necessary.
From licyeus on 2/16/2006 Completed Modify
Star Spin Chicken expert. I think you can do it, from your My Fav. Game score, but not quite sure, since you've so few songs submitted. Prove my suspicions right.
From c_wraith on 3/18/2005 Completed Modify
*** Something. Zodiac hard is probably not the best choice... I bet you could get Delirium hard with less effort.
From krispykreme on 2/10/2006 Abandoned Modify
Pass Bend your mind doubles expert hitting all the hands including the ones with the knees and get no bads and have a percent of over 80%. Have fun!
From omo on 2/10/2006 Abandoned Modify
pass euphoria hard, doubles, no bar, 2x, tipsy, fade in, blender