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From MeGoesMoo on 3/25/2007 Active Modify
Hi babe!
99+ on bumble bee :-P
Love you!
From DANSUCKS on 3/27/2006 Active Modify
I was checking out some scores of the people ranked around me, and your scores are almost identical to some of mine... So, I figured I'd issue you a little challenge. Get a score on Robotix (Shoot for an 80ish), July (85ish would be good.), a new 12, so play Go 60 Go, it's not too hard, and you should be able to get around a 77-80ish.
And for a bonus, get a 96% or higher on Bumbleebee, and Birdie.
Good luck (Nothing too hard, so you should get it quick.) And challenge me back, I need some.
From ZigZagBANZAI on 3/18/2006 Active Modify
hi, my name is jaime in case you are wondering "wtf...whos he?"...you are like 3 places above me on ITG1 and i always compare myself with others , and i read that you like to be challenged..so heres one : get +90% on "a day like today - expert"
challenge me back..i like challenges too
From Udo Octim on 4/07/2006 Completed Modify
Those are long challenges this will be short

Get a 90 on agent blatant it's not to hard just watch out for the slow-down