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SimeonSLeVeLUp's Profile

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User Name: SimeonSLeVeLUp
Machine Tag:
Machine Location: Unspecified
Region: Maryland
Sex: Male
Play Style: Unspecified
Member since: July 12th, 2006
Last Profile Update: July 29th, 2006
I only play ITG home as the closest machines are hours away which is such a drag.  All my scores are done on a horrible soft mat and no chair (not enough space).  I am quite sorry I am so bad.

Seems like telling your history is the thing to do so here it is:

It all started in Nov. of 2002 when I purchased DDRMAX with a MadCatz soft mat.  I played the game for 8 months completely loving it.  I only played on light and never touched anything above it.  I stopped playing once I tried to play standard and couldn't hit anything.

Then at Otakon '05, DDR was all over the place and I felt like I should give the game another shot.  After doing some research and my friend telling me some helpful stuff, I was able to fix some of my problems I had with DDRMAX, namely making it so the face buttons didn't effect the arrows and changing the scroll speed but even with fixing my problems, I couldn't get a handle on Standard.

Then came May of '06, I had just purchased BMUS after playing Guitar Hero for months nonstop.  Along with Amplitude, I was deep into rhythm games and I thought it was time again to play DDR.  With a little "encouragement" from my friend, I started playing once more, and this time I finally started to pass Standard songs.  Soon after this, I got to play DDR in the arcade for the first time in my life.  After this, I started to move onto heavy until I broke my Mad Catz mat that I had had for years.

Soon after this I bought a cheap GameStop along with DDR Extreme 2 (which I HATE, the music and steps are just so horrid IMHO).  I ended up going through three GameStop mats then they let me have my money back.  It was around the 2nd mat that I realized that ITG was clearly a game I needed to get.  Since then I have pretty much only played ITG, and only play DDR when my friends NEED to have it rather than ITG.  These days I also play SM insane amounts to try and learn steps.

I recently bought an Ignition V3.0 pad and basically killed it in less than 2 hours of play.  I'm NOT that heavy at 240 but I mean 2 HOURS!?!?!??!?! Come on RedOctane.  At this point I am in the process of getting my money back for this mat and trying to figure out which mat to get next.  I am really hoping I will be able to procure a Cobalt Flux but that is up in the air as of right now.

My currect broken dance mat count: 5.

If you read even just a smidgen of that, please add me as your friend.  BTW, I think I maybe addicted to this game, can't help but go a day without playing, even if that requires playing on a broken mat.
SimeonSLeVeLUp's Recent Scores:
Song Name Score (%) Pack Date Submitted
Lemmings on the Run 94.19
ITG: Home 4/20/2007
Mellow 92.97
ITG: Home 4/20/2007
Euphoria 87.09
ITG: Home 4/20/2007
Don't Promise Me 92.98
ITG: Home 4/20/2007
Delirium 91.71
ITG: Home 4/20/2007
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