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STsung's Profile

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User Name: STsung
Machine Tag: STSU
Region: Czech Republic
Total Quads/100%s: 2
Age: 36
Sex: Female
Play Style: Sometimes Bar
Member since: April 20th, 2006
Last Profile Update: April 18th, 2018
Last Update:
Hello, I'm a music game lover and dance games are my favorite music games. I discovered ITG because of European Championship in Machine Dance but sincerely I don't like the game. But I love ITG2 Dedicab and wish I could play on it.

I don't play ITG/DDR often, mostly at conventions where it does not really count as serious playing or sometimes in the arcades or at tournaments.

I'm good enough to complete but not the best as well...
But I'm sure that if I would ever play periodically on dedicab my scores would reach 99% on expert.

1. Köln, Germany (EM2, Extreme)
2. Mons, Belgium (EM2)
3. Hamar, Norway (EM2)
4. Morecambe, Great Britain (EM2)
5. Prague, Czech Republic (ITG1, PM, 3ddx, NX2, Pro)
6. Glasgow, United Kingdom (EM2)
7. Vlissingen, Netherlands (Extreme, 3ddx, ITG, ITG2, DM)
8. Lille, France (SN, Fusion, EM2)
9. Brussels, Belgium (ITG2)
10. Wavre, Belgium (DDR 1st mix)
11. Oslo, Norway (Extreme, ITG2)
12. Warsaw, Poland (Exceed, PPP, BM, DMX)
13. Wien, Austria (Exceed, ITG2)
14. Cham, Germany (NX)
15. Pilsen, Czech Republic (NX)
16. Liberec, Czech Republic (Zero)
17. Warsaw, Poland (blue city, powerstation, fantasy park) (Exceed, Exceed 2, Zero, NX, NX2)
18. Rybnik, Poland (NX)
19. Paris, France (NX, Prime)
20. London, United Kingdom (ITG2, SN, Prime2)
21. Scheveningen, Netherlands (Prime, Pro)

(21th time on the arcade ... december)
STsung's Recent Scores:
Song Name Score (%) Pack Date Submitted
! 96.62   Pump It Up Pro 12/17/2019
Maria 99.33   Pump It Up Pro 12/17/2019
Into My Dream (Kaveh Azizi Remix) 93.57   Pump It Up Pro 12/17/2019
My Friend 95.18   Pump It Up Pro 12/17/2019
Anubis 98.16   Pump It Up Pro 12/17/2019
Mode Pump It Up Pro 1, 2 & Encore Overall Percentages
Crazy  50.39%
Hard  46.22%
Medium  2.38%
Easy  0.00%
Nightmare  28.87%
Freestyle  39.51%
Half Doubles  43.40%
Total  29.78%
Single In The Groove 1, 2 & Rebirth Overall Percentages Double
Expert  51.47% 29.66%  Expert
Hard  60.11% 49.53%  Hard
Medium  60.34% 46.10%  Medium
Easy  16.73% 0.43%  Easy
Total  47.04% 31.46%  Total