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sherwin2's Profile

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User Name: sherwin2
Machine Tag: SHER
Region: Unspecified
Age: 22
Sex: Unspecified
Play Style: Unspecified
Member since: March 14th, 2006
Last Profile Update: March 14th, 2006
I'm not very good at all (I couldn't even consistently pass a 7 until the beginning of March 2006 and I can barely pass some 8's and 9's on hard as of the middle of March 2006)... however, at the urging of several of my friends.. they suggested putting up scores on Groovestats as a way to motivate me to try harder songs more often and to play this game more.

I can usually be found with Chris Barnes (BINK) in the rec room since the only time I really ever play ITG is when he drags me away from World of Warcraft to the Illini Union.

Currently, my biggest weaknesses are stamina (Chris is helping me out a lot here by forcing me to go on marathon runs of a medium difficulty on stepmania) and rhythm (not sure why because I don't encounter the same problem in singing or chess, but maybe more stepmania practice will help).

My favorite people to watch in the Rec Room are Kyle (because he is a rhythm god and dances better than most people even when slightly buzzed), Derek (because his stamina is never-ending), Marty (because he's funny and does crazy things on the machine), Doug (because he does fairly well but never looks like he's trying), Dave (for similar reasons to Marty), and Chris B (Because I watched him grow all the way from medium to expert).
sherwin2's Recent Scores:
Song Name Score (%) Pack Date Submitted
Renaissance 81.70   In the Groove 2 10/09/2006
The Message 93.33   In the Groove 2 10/09/2006
Utopia 96.35   In the Groove 10/09/2006
Spacy Crazy Girl 70.47   In the Groove 2 10/09/2006
Utopia 84.03   In the Groove 10/09/2006
Single In The Groove 1 & 2 Overall Percentages Double
Expert  11.55% 0.00%  Expert
Hard  32.22% 0.00%  Hard
Medium  53.12% 0.00%  Medium
Easy  10.40% 0.00%  Easy
Total  27.52% 0.00%  Total
Single Overall Percentages: ITG Courses Double
Intense  0.00% 0.00%  Intense
Normal  0.00% 0.00%  Normal
Survival  0.00% 0.00%  Survival
Total  0.00% 0.00%  Total