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From Angelic-Pyro on 3/29/2009 Received Modify
.......99.42%.... on For a Lifetime...... Good AS!!!!!!
From Patrick. on 3/23/2009 Received Modify
Hey add me on facebook if you have one Patrick Kumparatana
From Angel.ChunLi on 3/11/2009 Received Modify
lol it reopened about a month ago xD and okies!
From Patrick. on 3/11/2009 Replied Modify
Its an r21 hacked Roxor Dedicab hahah yea pretty sweet lol. I think Kstro got maybe 15 quads or something this weekend wen he stayed over haha.
From Angel.ChunLi on 3/09/2009 Received Modify
yeah i still play the arcade is in a dif spot in the basement now lmao. i still suck like crazyyy cant pass a 12 yet T.T k ill say hi for u lmao and if ur coming back to visit again then awesome!!!
From Patrick. on 3/07/2009 Received Modify
Yessirr. All.. well most of my scores are from it. Prob one of the best :) just got it hacked with rebirth on. Pads needs work but still quaddable.
From Angel.ChunLi on 3/07/2009 Received Modify
omg yeah hi it is you! the name is cindy yeah, i remember u were really good, u gave me a few pointers but i kinda forgot haha
From Angel.ChunLi on 3/05/2009 Received Modify
are you the guy who i saw at queens center mall for spencer's tourney? im the asian girl who wasnt really all that good
From Patrick. on 3/05/2009 Received Modify
Yea dude im one of the guys u met at chinatown. We also went to King of the Coast together. lol Since u were in queens alot and i live in queens lol its alot easier for you then =P
From nemesislike on 10/15/2008 Received Modify
i've got a big cock
From Mr.StraightEdgeKungLao on 10/04/2008 Received Modify
Yea I noe u can beat Reaf man. And Monolith is like more about FA then Reaf. Just do ur best when ever and yea man Idc what u have 2 do just come back soon lol
From DDR_Freak on 6/20/2008 Received Modify
Hey I was wondering if you remember how to hack into ITG 2 Gold?