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From Angelic-Pyro on 6/24/2009 Active Modify
Regain #1 Theme From The Rock! And pass Big Sky... downloaded yesterday finally.... absolutely no way I've got enough stamina yet. Gotta pass For a Lifetime before this... which will happen by end of year ^_^
Already passed Big Sky when I was in auckland. That Theme from the Rock record is gonna take a while to get lol.
From Patrick. on 3/22/2009 Active Modify
Quad 3 expert flags that u have =P
From millia on 12/17/2008 Active Modify
99 Utopia XD hahahhaa
From nemesislike on 12/14/2008 Active Modify
95+ on summer and quad no princess yayyy were good at upgrades
From Tubby on 10/08/2008 Active Modify
90 Euphoria and 80 Vertex^2
From Patrick. on 2/23/2009 Completed Modify
Add me as ur friend :) When u come back to america come play on my machine instead of chinatown =D! haha
Done, were you one of the guys I met in Chinatown? I can't remember that much lol, I only played there once or twice, mostly in Queens the rest of the time.
From ItSZ tiM on 2/09/2009 Completed Modify
Omg how u been happy new year bro u need to come back soon ... here's my challenge sde desteny its pretty easy If u have aim here's my sn wowitstimmy
Lol, I already got 9 a few days before you challenged me.
From millia on 12/16/2008 Completed Modify
99 Bend Your Mind :)
From goldhedgehog on 11/30/2008 Completed Modify
FC Inside the Fire :D
Haha finally done, 99.20 XD
From millia on 11/18/2008 Completed Modify
90 Euphoria !!! you can do it !!!
From Mr.StraightEdgeKungLao on 9/29/2008 Completed Modify
TUBBY! hope everything is going well A. Ok well since rebrith Ive done alot. I want u to beat Reaf. DO IT!  and also 2 come 2 the next KOTC cause ur a cool guy
Stupid song, I have no foot speed still. I'll make it back over there one day, hopefully I'll be good enough to challenge you by then.
From nemesislike on 9/28/2008 Completed Modify
99 destiny and the beginning u crazy jew
Took way to long v_v
From nemesislike on 9/21/2008 Completed Modify
come fix our pads plzzz
From nemesislike on 3/18/2008 Completed Modify
pass uber rave haha we should try team pass it when i come up
Done, didn't beat your score though :( Update: Beat your score with 93
From nemesislike on 3/18/2008 Completed Modify
beat my score on summer
91.95 XD
From nemesislike on 3/18/2008 Completed Modify
99 charlene plox =P
Finally!!! 99.06
From Tubby on 7/26/2009 Abandoned Modify
Rank in top 100 by the end of the year.
From nemesislike on 1/08/2009 Abandoned Modify
suck my dick
Couldn't find it, to small.
From goldhedgehog on 11/24/2008 Abandoned Modify
pass One More Lovely before the ITG tourney :D
Failed :(
From nemesislike on 11/16/2008 Abandoned Modify
race to 99 robuttix haha
From millia on 10/09/2008 Abandoned Modify
90% on Euphoria BEFORE tehcarnagex will get.
Lol, failed before i read it.