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From Gazebo on 8/25/2011 Active Modify
Pass all the DF 14's
From TH.Reisen Udongein Inaba on 1/10/2011 Active Modify
Pass any 13 from the DDR Illini Tournament Pack.
Hatsune Miku no (something Japanese). I don't like my score, so I'm leaving this as active until I play it again. Edit: changing this challenge to "Pass all 13s from the DDR Illini Tournament Pack." I'll start working on this soon >_>
From TH.Aya on 12/14/2010 Active Modify
Pass Summer and Pande, forget Vertex^2
Summer: 3-24-11. Pandemonium: 6-7-11. VerTex^2 BLLAAAAAHHHHH.
From TH.Aya on 12/14/2010 Active Modify
Get 80%+ on all the 12s Oh hai Bloodrush
7-7-11: Energizer, Tell, Delirium, Hardcore of the North, !, and Euphoria (that one surprised me) complete.
From TH.Aya on 12/14/2010 Active Modify
Get 90%+ on all of the 11s ...Have fun with Clockwork D:
6-5-11: Robotix, The Beginning, Xuxa, Charlene done. 7-7-11: 91.xx on Destiny, but the machine didn't save the score to my card. No screenshot, so I'll have to get it again at some point.
From ClassicSass on 12/14/2010 Active Modify
Get a score for every 9,10,11.
Last song remaining: VerTex^2 Hard. Edit: wow I still haven't done this. r00d
From TH.Kogasa on 3/23/2011 Completed Modify
Y U NO FOOTSPEED? Pass Determinator.
Done 6-3-11. Sh@t score, but I'll fix it later.
From TH.Reisen Udongein Inaba on 1/10/2011 Completed Modify
Pass the following songs from In the Pants (if you haven't already): Lunatic Princess, Border of Life, and Love is a Danger Zone 2.
Exhausted after Dragonforce and other stamina songs, so the scores are pretty bad (also, played all 3 of these within about a half hour). I don't plan on playing Love is a Danger Zone 2 anytime soon, if ever again. Lunatic Princess: http://i.imgur.com/RN4Oj.jpg Border of Life: http://i.imgur.com/C4hTS.jpg Love is a Danger Zone 2: http://i.imgur.com/CpvZ2.jpg (LaValle was on the left)
From Gazebo on 12/14/2010 Completed Modify
Get a * or higher on the top 20 songs by GS average! You have 10 remaining at the time of this challenge: Birdie, Why Me, Ride the Bass, This is Rock & Roll, Psalm Pilot, Spacy Crazy Girl, Boogie Down, Bumble Bee, Hip Hop Jam, The Message.
Done. Boogie Down is dumb.
From ClassicSass on 12/14/2010 Completed Modify
Get a triple star.
I'm thinking this will happen on Da Roots. Certainly not Vinyl. EDIT: Yep, Da Roots.