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From YourShadow on 5/21/2007 Active Modify
get a 90% or better on those last few 9's , Zodiac, Wake up, Driving Force and baby dont you want me
From D1LL on 12/03/2006 Active Modify
try to break 90% on xuxa expert.....its not hard i got 96.....send a challange back my way :D
im almost there i have an 87 now
From D1LL on 3/20/2007 Completed Modify
get a 90 avg. not overall just avg..u have like 88.9X....send a challange back my way =D
all righty then i finnally did this. all i had to was PLAY EVERY FUCKING 9 AGAIN!
From mrpeanut on 2/23/2007 Completed Modify
Get all of your 9's and 10's 85% or higher!
i went back and did this. theres still a few 10's that i didnt play but watever fuck them
From gamergurl911 on 11/08/2006 Completed Modify
Fix these (jesus...): My favorite game why me little kitty mine birdie lipstick kiss anubis D-code I think i like that sound those are songs that i have you beaten on, you may not have played in a while, and i may not have played in a while. If you beat any of my scores, challenge me and i'll try to beat those :3
took some time to play all of them
From 14kydd14 on 9/28/2006 Completed Modify
xuxa 85
i got a 87.xx
From SOS Brigade.Yuki on 9/27/2006 Completed Modify
Let's see, get up to 25 new scores on double hard or expert. Try playing some medium charts to learn some of the basic and advanced pivoting movements to help prepare you for some tougher hards and even some experts.
finnaly i just beat it. playing with a bar helps a lot i realized
From MURDER.Haruhi on 7/29/2006 Completed Modify
pass vertex........................ or full combo charlene ur choice
got a 76.xx on vertex so im gonna do better
From Ren-Ji on 5/16/2006 Completed Modify
pass xuxa on expert
i got a 75% first time
From 14kydd14 on 10/11/2006 Abandoned Modify
pass charlene expert on reverse
is it really that hard??