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Recent Scores

Song Name Score (%) Member Name Pack Date Submitted
Cross Time 99.94 Juggles Cirque du Zeppelin 8/28/2015
Engage 99.45   Uber Cirque du Zeppelin 8/28/2015
The Horror 98.57   Uber Valex's Magical 4-Arrow Adventure 7 8/28/2015
Pretty Girls with Mental Disorders 96.54   Uber Helblinde 8/28/2015
Dreams Come True 90.61   Uber Helblinde 8/28/2015

Groovestats News

07/12/2015: Double Trouble Added!
I just randomly remembered that I wanted to try Double Trouble out and prolly add it to Groovestats so I tried it out and added it to Groovestats.  This is some of the hardest Doubles content out there for 4-panel probably.  Enjoy!

07/08/2015: Jimmy Jawns 1 & 2 Added!
Aoreo's Jimmy Jawns 1 and 2 have been added to the site, as well as a compilation pack for combined rankings across both.  Some good upper-end charts in here.  Enjoy!

05/23/2015: Pendulum Act II, Pendulum Series, and banners!
Pendulum Act II is now ranked on Groovestats!  Additionally, there is now a compilation pack called "Pendulum Series" that combines Act I and Act II into a single ranking so you can see your overall standing on all Pendulum charts.

I've also started adding the banner graphics for all the ranked packs to the site.  It's gonna be a while before I get through adding everything though.

05/02/2015: Blacklamp theme, BemaniBeats, Valex 7, and Speedcore 4!
I've added a new theme to the site (and also made it the new default theme)-- Blacklamp.  Bran/Krushrpants/etc. started working on a mockup for this years ago and I never got around to actually adding it as a theme/finishing making it.  Hopefully you guys will agree that it's a bit less of an eyesore than the other two themes, but if you don't like it, those themes are still available to use and you can switch back to use one of them instead.

I've also added BemaniBeats, Valex's Magical 4-Arrow Adventure 7, and Speedcore 4 to the site.  These are a little overdue.  Sorry about that.  Enjoy!

02/07/2015: Compilation packs and Tachyon Epsilon Shortcuts added!
I've added the following compilations to Groovestats:

Mute Sims Series
The Legend of Zim Series
Mootz Mix Series
Mudkyp Series
Mudkyp Korea Series
Easy As Pie Series
Valex's Magical 4-Arrow Adventure Series
Sudziosis Series
Cirque Series
Speedcore Series
Tachyon Series

These are basically the same idea as the already existing ITG1/2, and ITG 1/2 and Rebirth complilation packs-- the rankings factor your scores for all the packs for the series in question that are on the site. Sharpnelstreamz isn't included because of song overlap (most of the stuff in Sharpnelstreamz is included in Sharpnelstreamz v2 anyway, minus some different cuts).

I've also added Tachyon Epsilon Shortcuts to the site, as well. More stuff to come soon (probably some doubles stuff).

01/15/2015: Triumph Leaderboard, Valex 5 and 6, and Sudziosis 3-5!
Today I have great pleasure of announcing a new feature on Groovestats:  the Triumph Leaderboard!

Here's how it works: For every score on an ITG song you submit (across ALL PACKS ranked on the site) that's rated a minimum of 14-blocks in difficulty, you receive points.  The formula is as follows:

Points = ((Block Rating - 12)^3 * (score^2.1 / 5000 ))

In plain english, though, what this means is that you will receive points relative to your score and the difficulty of the chart.  Basically: the more hard stuff you submit, and the better you do on it, the higher your points will be.

In case the name didn't make this clear already, this feature is meant to be the "Yin" to the Quad Leaderboard's "Yang".  As such, I've made various enhancements in that regard, as well-- you can now access a list of your 14+ scores and the points you're receiving for each of them under the Detailed Songs tab on your profile, but you can ALSO pull up a list of your quads across all packs AND all games.   You can navigate to these breakdowns by either going to your profile, or by clicking on a user name on the respective leaderboards.  Your Quad Count and Triumph Points also display on the main screen of your profile if you've earned a place on either leaderboard.

I've also made some adjustments to the site in terms of gearing it more towards the custom scene.  Previously, many pages would default to ITG 1/2 for viewing; it's now been set to default to All ITG Packs wherever I deemed it prudent.

Finally, I've added Valex's Magical 4-Arrow Adventures 5 and 6 as well as Sudziosis 3-5 as ranked packs on the site.  A lot of work has gone into this update, and this is probably some of the coolest stuff that I've done on the site since I took over.  I'm hoping this motivates people to improve at the game, and to be more competitive with others on the site!

12/07/2014: Song pack update: Helblinde, Easy As Pie 4, and Sharpnelshortz
Helblinde, Sharpnelshortz and Easy As Pie 4 are now ranked on the site. I've got some other suggestions that I'm gonna be sifting through and making decisions on, but I wanted to get a few more things up in the mean time for everyone.

11/11/2014: Song pack update: Cirque du Zeppelin, Noisiastreamz, and Stupid Doubles Charts!
Cirque du Zeppelin, Noisiastreamz, and Stupid Doubles Charts are now ranked on Groovestats! Make sure you're going under 'Doubles' when you're trying to view or submit/edit scores for Stupid Doubles Charts, since there like... aren't singles charts in that pack. Yeah.

08/18/2014: Song pack update: Cranked Pastry and Mute Sims 9!
Sorry for the delay in getting new content up!  Cranked Pastry and Mute Sims 9 are now ranked on the site.  Enjoy!


03/07/2014: Song pack update: SV 2
By popular demand, this is ranked on the site now.  Try not to hurt yourself, folks.